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Hi everyone,
I am a new member of the group. I like modern literary fictions and JM Coetzee is one of my favorite authors. The novella I am working on is morphing into a compilation of stories that are parts of fictional biography. Let me know if you get a chance to read the first few pages of the manuscript on my profile. Looking for some cold comments that would help me with the issues. Thank you and I will be reading and reviewing other's stories soon.

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Hi guys! I hope you can get a look at my work, I'm new at writing but I hope ya'll like it! smile

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Hi everyone!

I am the new (old) kid on the block. I just joined up and am in the process of finding my way around. I am looking forward to reading your work and giving it a review/critique that is helpful to you. I am hoping you’ll do the same for me.

Be warned! I am a retired teacher and cannot resist applying my “red pen” to issues such as grammar and spelling. So, expect there to be some of that mixed in with my critiques!

Looking forward to meeting you! big_smile