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Re: The Shred Group

Memphis Trace wrote:

I always learn a lot when my beliefs are set upon by Dill Carver, for instance, and I would greatly lament it if his voice and opinions were censored or muted.

It's a strange thing, POV

I've often felt the urge to reply or comment in the forums when my beliefs (or lack of) are challenged and assaulted by the likes of Memphis Trace, for instance.

IMO politics and religion are the enemy of freedom and democracy. Look at what this world has become because of the people fuelled by them. This site is a micro-society reflection of the same.

I'm honestly not sure what I actually did to engage the snark and invoke the personal hatred from j p lundstrom though? I've never had anything to do with him. In this case I was supporting the development of the shred group. I assume it is merely my existence here that irks him.

The site is certainly not what it was. Just look at the shenanigans and resistance to do with said shred group. A positive change that could enhance and possibly improve and rejuvenate the site, address some of the dysfunction... and yet it starts a war of words and disruption... and after all, anyone not interested in the shred can simply choose not to partake. Or so you would think. Turns out that those who don't want to use it or can't see the need for it, don't want those who appreciate the benefit in it, to have it. Strange times this mob rule era. 

Anyway, I feel this is the incentive for me to pack up and say goodbye to tNBW. It's been an age since I first arrived in 2006 and most everyone I knew and who knew me are either gone or long gone anyway.

The diversity of the member pool seems to have evaporated in favour of menopausal christian liberal militants of late and as such I seem to have become the root of all evil upon the site. A pariah. To be honest I was hanging around mainly for the competitions (which I really enjoyed and felt brought the writers here together into a centralised 'group of interest' old site style, but seem to have dried up).

Sol, in order to placate the upset and angst that my recent diabolical behavior has caused the tNBW 'we the people' society, I am happy to cease and desist forthwith. It must be time to go, because I'm not entirely sure what I have done. I am obviously out of control.

I will voluntarily close my account but need to postpone that act until the weekend when I will be home from work and can download my junk from the site to a local drive to ensure that I have archived my content. If you'd afford me that stop-gap then I'll appreciate it; Ill be cleared out and closed down by Monday but I will refrain from posting comments within the general forums in the meantime.

Cheers... and no worries!

Re: The Shred Group

I agree with Corra that we would not get to know many people on site if not for the forums; we don't all read everybody else and the forums at times sparks an interest in a person enough to explore their writing. I know several people have told me they looked into my writing first because of the forums. Sure there will differences of opinion, that is life. Sometimes those differences might get a little heated -- I've been in a few heated discussions myself -- but I don't think anything said on either side of any of them would warrant closing the forums. Sol, has closed a few threads because of the heated rhetoric I suppose, but only a very few. Though I don't think there was any need to close them personally, that is his right as owner of the site. And he has shown great restraint and given warnings before taking drastic action.

There have been suggestions and offers before of certain threads where "anything goes" but the problem with that is that one never knows where a discussion is going to lead. Practically every thread of any duration on this site and probably anywhere else is going to go off subject at some point. It is natural. Somebody says something and that sparks an unexpected response from someone else and a tangent is born. Conversation is like that. Life is like that. The spontaneity is what makes the conversations/discussions interesting and informative. The forums would a dull dull dull place without such spontaneity. What is the most active enduring thread in the forums? It is the one which asks us to "Say the first word which comes to mind" and the reason it has gotten so many responses and people go to it time and time again is that you literally never know what one word will bring to mind in someone else. That is its strength. And that is the strength of all the threads which have staying power. They evolve. If they don't, they simply die on the vine after a few responses over a few days or less.

I guess it boils down to the fact that the forums with all their imperfections and differences of opinion, heated or not, are what keeps the site vibrant and especially so in the absence of contests to stir the creative juices. That's my say and it would be a real shame and loss if Dill or any other member were forced out for participation which though it may be heated at times for some, it is not close to a capital offense. Nor are the vast majority of the discussions which take place in the forums regardless of subject matter or where they lead. Take care. Vern

Re: The Shred Group

Quite honestly, if Dill's going, I'm out too. He's the main reason I've stayed. Quality discussion and quality tomfoolery. Peace out, folks! And write well. smile

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corra wrote:

Quite honestly, if Dill's going, I'm out too. He's the main reason I've stayed. Quality discussion and quality tomfoolery. Peace out, folks! And write well. smile

Here's to hoping he and you will stay. The two of you were instrumental in starting the original shred thread and it would be a shame to lose either or both of you now that the site has a bonafide Shred Group. Keeping fingers crossed. Take care. Vern

Re: The Shred Group

People leaving, people calling people names, people pissed off.  Stop.  Just STOP.

What the hell is wrong with everybody?  Go to your rooms and you shall have no pie.  We're all adults here, folks.  Nobody would guess it, but nonetheless, we are. 

Join Shred.  Don't join Shred.  Nobody.gives.a.rat's.ass.if.you.do.or.don't.     

This might be a good time to close this thread.  Turn off the TV like you have to do when it's bedtime for a child. 

Good night, John Boy.

Re: The Shred Group

This is why I have always hated the forums. It's why I minimized them on this version of the site.

Dill, don't leave on my account. If you really want a chance, join the Shred Group and disconnect from Premium. It will be like being on an entirely new site. But it's totally up to you as it is for everyone else.

Thread closed.