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Hi all,

Brand new to writing and trying my hand at putting pent to paper on a few experiences close to my heart - I would be keen to hear your thoughts! Let me know what you think...


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Yes, by all means.  Put your pen to paper and let's see what you come up with.

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Matt, we're waiting for something from you, but so far I haven't seen anything come through with your name on it.  Go ahead and take the plunge!


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Happy New Year to everyone.  I am new to the site. I just posted a few chapters from my book: Chasing Summer, and I look forward to reading everyone else's work.

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Hi Everyone,
I'm working on an adult memoir about how I left my husband, became a homosexual, defrosted my three children, and moved on to a better life for myself. The only way a memoir can be any good is if you're totally brutal with yourself. I'm looking for some other memoir writers that are looking to go to the hard places (hopefully with some humor, too) and are interested in getting some feedback.

Writing is insular and lonely and I'm sick of that. I want to connect.

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Hello, Y'all!
Although I'm not a stranger to writing, I'm a stranger to putting all my thoughts and memories into a book. After much encouragement from friends and family, I decided to try my hand at it. It is called, Walking on Eggshells. This piece is meant as a way to understand the perils of mental illness and the tolls that it takes, not only on one's self, but the people around them. I wrote this as a cathartic process in which I try to come terms with the secrecy, the darkness, the solitude that comes with mental illness. My mother suffered in silence and I wished I knew back then, what I do know now, then I could given some kind of benefit of doubt and not have carried so much animosity throughout the years. I also in turn began my awakening and feeling the courage to begin to speaking openly about my depression and awakening. I am brutally, honest, and at times I will be graphic. This is a story of domestic violence and self harm during my teenage years. I know I have to go back and add more detail. Just punching it out now. Any and all feedback would truly be appreciated! Thank you!!