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Topic: Missing review replies.

Whilst replying to a few recent reviews and then idly scrolling down through the list of old reviews, I discovered to my horror and complete surprise a batch of old reviews that I never replied to.

The reviews are all from 2015 and all very good and positive reviews that point out great suggestions, valid errors and congratulate and encourage me; so there is really no reason why I wouldn't have made a sincerely grateful reply at the time. The fact that the reviews are all highly friendly makes my no-reply worse and I'm extremely embarrassed by the incident and ashamed of my oversight in this matter. Looking at the dates of the reviews in question I endured a traumatic family incident at the time and can only surmise that this is when I lost my focus upon the site and forgot said replies. There was no motive or agenda within my ignorance save forgetfulness.

Whilst in normal fettle I always reply to reviews, good or bad and I have replied to those old reviews now and with heartfelt apologies.

Sorry to those affected!

Regards, Dill