Topic: Angels around me?

Had a Book Talk event today at the Ridgeland Library. My short program became almost non-existent. An accident at Hwy 51 & Lake Harbour and this (below). No wonder I had a total of 4 people. One came early and had to leave (Lottie Boggan), and thus missed the madness. Two others got there and we suddenly heard all manner of emergency vehicles( Rob Finney--who should have stayed home!!! and Sam Perry--yes, my youngest came to support me). Then, one last person (Alana Harrigill) showed up as I was packing up, saying she had to drive around the world to get to my event.
I have confidence in my local police department to catch this vile person. These two incidents took place within a quarter of a mile and 2 miles of where I was safely ensconced right next door to the police station. … ridgeland/

BTW, the accident was a hit and run from shoplifters at the mall 2 miles up the road. The shooter at the other incident went into Jackson and shot and killed a lady. He was caught. 2 of the folks in the hit and run were caught and one still on the loose.

But even in all this chaos, I sold a book--Whatever It Takes. Right this second, I'm happy to be safe at home.