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Mermaids, mystery, and life changing adventure.

We'd love to review your work, so post it here for all to see.

Hello fellow writers,
I am hoping to enter Glimmer Train's emerging writer contest by mid-February. I've written and posted my short story, Impervious Joy, and I would love and appreciate feedback on it. It's a very personal story and I'm hoping that my readers can connect with it emotionally and empathetically. Thanks in advance! … -joy-23229


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I know this is an old thread, but since it's popped back up and you didn't receive much feedback on the original question anyhow, I'd like to offer my opinion.

Overall, the site is easy to use, although I did have a hard time finding my portfolio from my homepage the first few times. Something about "Post Your Writing" that made me think it was only for new pieces.

Also, perhaps it's just a bug or two, but when I'm viewing someone's work, the next and previous chapter buttons do nothing but refresh the page with the current chapter on it. In order to view another chapter or find the start of that book, I have to go to the author's page, find their work and then hope that it opens the first chapter and not the most recent.

Next, when I post a work of my own, the formatting has been a huge headache for me. I'm married to a web developer so I've had the necessary support to get me through it, but I write and post from a Chromebook (meaning I can't get Firefox and I'm posting from Google Docs) and every single time I've posted, it's taken at least five tries to get the formatting to work for me.

Finally, I did not understand the points system at all when I first signed up. The description of the points was great and I loved the idea, but when I first tried to post a chapter, it required more than my allotted 7 or 8 points that you start with and I could not get it figured out. Thankfully, we have some incredible and helpful writers in this community who helped me figure it out, but a better introduction to the points system and step-by-step how-to would be really helpful.

All that said, I love this site! I've been here just over a month and it has already proved to be invaluable. Thanks for all the hard work, the maintenance, and for coming here and asking these kinds of questions to make it better and better!

Hi writers! I'm Jessi; writer, mother, doula, substitute teacher. I've been writing MG fiction for almost five years, hoping to publish soon. I've posted the first chapter of my MG mermaid adventure story and would love feedback on it. Be honest, I can take it. I can also choose to ignore it (a necessary skill, right?)

It looks like it's worth 2.5 points right now too wink Happy to reciprocate! … ific-23084

Okay, guys, my piece is worth points now! 2.5 of them, by the looks of it smile

Thanks all! I wasn't able to post using points at first. I will give some feedback later today and try adding it to the premium group once I have enough points. I need less than 1, so it shouldn't take long, right? I'll try to have that done by the end of today so you guys can get credit for your reviews smile Thanks for the information!

Hi all! I'm Jessi, mom of two and writer of MG fantasy/adventure. I've just posted my first chapter of the book I've been working on for the last two years and I'd love some quality feedback--even the negative, I can take it! I'd love to return the favor by reviewing your work also. Thanks! … /version/0


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I just found this site and I'm so excited to share feedback with other writers! I've posted my first chapter of the book I've spent the last two years working on and I should have the next chapters up soon. I'd love to return the favor, so I'll read and comment on anyone who reviews for me smile Thanks! … /version/0