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Thanks, Dave!


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Thanks everyone!


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Thanks so much!


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Thanks Gacela! After the holiday I plan to work on marketing, so we'll see how it goes!


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Hi All,

I'm thrilled to announce my book, workshopped on this site as Solomon's Adventure has been published! It's been a long road. I found an agent who loved the book, and he found an editor who loved it (at TOR books) but the publisher shot it down, saying it wouldn't sell (it's historical fiction about a Native American boy on a whaling ship). So I used create space and had a lot of fun doing it. (Special thanks to Janet Taylor-Perry who gave me a lot of great advice!) I'm also so grateful to this website and to the amazing folks who read and reviewed the entire book: Sheriff Norm, Nathan Childs, Dagnee, Ann Walters, Robert Goswitz, K. Hippolite, and Tallow. This book wouldn't exist without them!

Here's the link:
http://www.amazon.com/Spirit-Turtle-Lar … amp;sr=1-1

Hello all,

Allow me to announce the publication of my YA book, workshopped on this site as Solomon's Adventure but now published under the title Spirit of the Turtle. Now I'll have to start reading up on marketing! I got an agent who loved the book, and he even found an editor (TOR books) who loved it, and then the publisher shot it down. It's historical fiction and the publisher said it wouldn't sell. So there we are. Anyway here's the link:
http://www.amazon.com/Spirit-Turtle-Lar … amp;sr=1-1

I have to say, the self-publishing route has been lots of fun, too, so in the end I'm not too bitter. And luckily I've kept my day job. smile

Oh, and one more thing, after almost a half year of inactivity I should be back in gear in April with a YA book. I look forward to reading, writing and reviewing again!


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Congratulations! What a great story!


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I'm sorry to see you go. I've always enjoyed your stories. Best of luck with your writing, and if you ever decide to come back, we're here!


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Another perhaps silly question. What font would work best on create space? I read somewhere to try Garamond, but its seems a bit too pale. Times New Roman seems to stuffy. I'd love any input. Thanks!!!!!!


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I started to create an account on Createspace and was asked to provide tax info including my bank account number, etc. Is that normal? I found it a little disconcerting, but as I've said, I'm new to this.


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Thanks everyone for the loads of info and insight! I think it will take me a while to get acclimated in the self-publishing world. I'll sift through all this tomorrow, but it looks like Createspace is the way to go. I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions.


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Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a good self-publishing site? I found Lulu and it looks good. E-books are free although paperbacks and hardbacks are a little pricey. Are they any other sites I should look at? I am completely inexperienced in this area, so any advice, tips, suggestion, etc are welcome!!


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Take care and rest, rest, rest! Don't worry about reviews - your health is the most important thing!

I got this review from Alayton:

You have a great book and great potential to be the next best writer. I think if the right person reads your book, you may be on the way up that ladder. I too hope to be the next best writer. It's my dream. Check my stuff out too, thank you, ALex

I know you've removed her three times, so how about removing her again?


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At the very top of the screen next to the Next Big Writer logo is an icon that says: Post Your writing. Click on it and the rest should be self-explanatory. If it's not ask here and in the regular forum.


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Welcome Radley. Thanks for th review of Manga Tale. I'm glad you liked it! I'll keep an eye out for your stuff. I'm busy writing a series of stories mostly for adults, with the exception of Manga Tale, but when I finish this project I already have a middle grade book on the computer. I wrote it for my kids years ago and would love to get it into shape.  So hopefully activity will pick up here.


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Thanks very much!!!

Hi Sol,

I reviewed chapter four of Temple Wang's novel with no problem. Then immediately after, I wanted to have a look at chapter five and kept getting a "no data received message." I know I'm not blocked. Is this because she's in the process of revising the chapters? Or is there a kink int he system? I've never seen that before.



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I've looked at this posts from time to time but never felt inspired to join in the discussion, but here, yes. Mikira was not promoting her religion, simply giving the background to the bit of advice she received (excellent advice, by the way. I need to do that - I've written some emails I regret.) Maybe she didn't need to give quite so much background, but nothing about it was offensive. Perhaps Sol felt that since this is writer's site, let's avoid any religion? But come on, we all come from different backgrounds, and I don't see the problem with letting people know that.


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Hi Sol,

I posted a long story, and now think it would easier for people if I posted it in two parts. What happens if I remove half the story from the post already up and then publish it in a second part, but someone had already started a review. Could they lose their review?


I have revised a story and changed the status from 2nd draft to final. A few reviewers expressed interest in seeing the story again after revisions. Will they be able to get points since I've changed the status? They really should - taking a second look can take as much time as a first look and is often less fun, so they should certainly get credit for their generosity. Sol, I recommend bringing back the re-publish option, too.  I don't mind paying extra points. After significant revisions it's nice to get not only a second round of comments from reviewers but a first round from people not influenced by the earlier version.


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Oh great topic. Finally I get to vent about Nabokov. I hate him - and I rarely have such a strong reaction. It's overwritten tripe. Lolita is awful. But I think what I really can't stand is the number of people who think it's fashionable to list Lolita as their favorite book. I suspect they're trying to prove that they're not overly prudish and pc, or something like that. Amy Tan said if she could take only one book with her to a desert island it would be Lolita. Really? She wants to spend the rest of her life comforted by the sociopath Humbert? And yes I know Nabokov's goal was to create a monster, but I always felt he indulged too much. Oh never mind. Mostly it's just overwritten and it's over-rated. I want Jhumpa Lahiri with me on a desert island, or maybe Elizabeth Strout or Louise Erdrich.   

As for Twilight - yes it's junk. But I'm a high school teacher and I appreciate that for many of my students, Twilight is their path into the world of books. I won't complain.

Thanks - very useful info!


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I'd read if people posted stuff. I do have plans for kids books, but not the time.  Does if it matter if there are periods of inactivity? Maybe I don't fully understand the group thing, but it seems to me there's no need to close a group.