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One of the first things that I did when constructing my world was figure out where I wanted the story to go, then built the world to frame the story. After that, I took the characters and decided where I wanted each one to come from. Which part of the world did they come from? Why did they leave home? What were they looking for? And, once I had the answers to those questions, what did my world need to offer in order to satisfy those needs.

After I laid the groundwork, I began to build a history for the world. That takes some doing, but at the  same time can be a lot of fun, and it is so important! Right now I have a five-page abbreviated history to fall back on when writing future chapters.


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I used to read a fair amount of Robert Ludlum, though his stuff has become a bit dated since the end of the Cold War. The original Bourne Identity was very well done, and remains a good read. The use of the agent-provocateur scenario is something that has not been done in quite a while.


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Speaking for myself, I have found the new site rather intimidating. Having just spent some time reading the Conversion Assistance page (Thank You Very Much) I now find it less so. That being said, my first reaction to the new look was, Oh great! They've gone Facebook! Not being a FB user (safety issues & time-bandit) I had to think twice about using TNBW. And that alone is definitely not the kind of reaction this site wants to instill in its regular users.

It's going to take me a while to get used to using this site in its new incarnation, but I'm definitely going to stay a member. The feedback and useful tips I've been getting have been great. And I've made some good friends here.