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Happy Father's Day --Star Wars style!

https://www.facebook.com/StarWars/video … 981555064/

Anyone who has ever gotten a 1-Star review will relate to this:


Hello all!

To generate a reading base for my series, my debut novel "Beneath the Silver Rose" is free on Amazon Kindle until Wednesday, March 15.


Even if heroic fantasy is not your thing, you might be interested in reading this as an example of Deep POV, which is my writing style.

Please find the book here:


and feel free to join my blog here:



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Full price resumes TOMORROW, February 20! The last day to own Shadyia's forbidden romance adventure for just $.99!




Janet Taylor-Perry wrote:

I used Google shortener and simple pasted the long Amazon link in. Whenever I share that link, it's for the purpose of someone going to Amazon. It won't take them anywhere else. So, if someone purchases from that link, it's Amazon. I'm a bit confused how it's an issue for purchase. I don't think I've had a problem with Amazon thinking I was purchasing my own book.


I have have misstated, or I didn't understand what my friend was saying.

In Amazon, algorithms are everything.  Who is buying what, from where they live, and from what lists Amazon secretly puts them into. There is machinery at work in an Amazon link that is the equivalent of the old man behind the curtain pulling a hundred levers.

If the link you provide people to promote your book has YOUR codes to YOUR algorithms (the for mentioned "blahblah blah above) then they system gets confused and may not know who visited that page; you or someone else. It doesn't mean you will be charged if they buy a book, but for purposes of algorithms, the information is conflicted and may result in a review written by that person being deleted.

Or at least the data (algorithms) collected to evaluate your book page being all messed up and you not getting the credit you need to move up the Amazon ladder.

TLDR: Amazon algorithms own you.

OK, as a follow up to this, I have a link with TOO MUCH INFORMATION for my poor brain --this late--to follow, but if any of you want to be an expert on "super URLs" this, take a look:


Tom Oldman wrote:

I can't see either photo (they are marked Private by PhotoBucket), but I also think you are right about the reference number.


Here is the "Don't use" link:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MZ1LJDC/re … amp;sr=1-2

But I am now having doubts this is an issue. 

If I were to use an Amazon link to promote my book that had my ref number, and someone used that link, how would the "send it to my Kindle" work for them if the system thought it was me?

A friend of mine alerted me to a rookie mistake I did when I used an Amazon link to promote my book.

Look at these two photos below.




The one on the top has an ID reference (ref=sr=1BLAHBLAHBLAH) after the Amazon link. That "blah blah blah" is MY reference number. According to my friend, if I were to use that link to promote my book, and people were to buy my book using that link, the Amazon system would see that as ME, and not them. If they then wrote a review, Amazon may delete that review because the system believes I am cheating by writing my own reviews.

Can anyone confirm this is the case?


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Glad to see so many like my idea! I'd love to read what people come up with.

SolN wrote:

How about a closed room murder that must also combine two fanfics that would never go together? I'm liking the idea.

I'll take you seriously.

Meh. A bit restrictive.  It might be funny if I were to put Marry Poppins and Ellen Ripley (from Alien films) in a closed room with a murder, but I think after reading a few stories like that, it would get repetitive. The same "how the hell did we get here/who did it?" format over and over.

However, Ripley has just set the Nostromo's engines to blow. All her crew is dead. She is making her way to the escape shuttle...and the alien becomes Marry Poppins, singing and dancing in the halls while steam blows and alarms blare. The hard part there would be writing that with a straight face.


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I have a great idea!


Take an established character and write a 1000 words about it. 

Luke Skywalker
Harry Potter
Robert Langdon
Wonder Woman
Sheldon Cooper

Character must be a work of fiction (no, not even Donald Trump) and must be well-known.

To add another twist; combine two fanfics that would never go together.  What would Conan the Barbarian meets Hermione Granger or Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies be like?


SolN wrote:

Congratulations! We'll add the books to the TheNextBigWriter Bookstore.

Thank you!

A few memes I made for my web page:




"Beneath the Silver Rose" and "The Penance of Pride" debuts on Kindle January 1, 2017!

Work shopped on this and the old site, seven years of being forged, professionally edited. An adult, romantic adventure set in a parallel Renaissance age of vicious nobles, zealot crusaders and veiled magic.

Shadyia, one of the finest of The Silver Rose's courtesans, is hired to seduce a mysterious scholar by a high-ranking member of the Innocenti, an order of knights dedicated to eradicating the faith of the gods. A precarious assignment to say the least. Innocenti torture whores ("revirginize" they call it) as a rule of thumb. But Shadyia must do this or the order may descend on her entire sisterhood. Added to her troubles is her own past when she killed a noble and a forbidden romance with a fellow sister--either of which, if the Innocenti were to discover, would land her in the dungeons under their temple.

Check it out!

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MZ1LJDC/re … amp;sr=1-2



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Nicholas, You are a seer.

My editor almost sprayed milk out of her nose when I told her I went with a garmond 13pt.  She said the industry standard is 11.

I did a quick calculation, and that cut 150 pages off the total.  Daaaumn.

Sooooo--back to the electronic brain for me. Weeeee.


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Oooook.  Panic is more or less over.

Without understanding what I was doing, I selected the Expanded Distribution CS has to offer.  That jacked the price waaay up.

I lose a lot in royalties, but I would rather sell 1000 books (print copy) at $2 royalty than 50 (or zero) at $7. 

Word count is 151,217. 

dagnee, that is my smaller book.  I split the book into two parts. 

Book two comes in at 110,161


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That's a good answer, Nicholas, thank you.

Funny, I guess this is a sign of the times.

My font is Garamond, 13, at 1.15 line spacing. The book, as stated, is 6"x9"

So I am quite small as it is.

Thank God for Kindle. I hope you have some good news for me there.


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Here is what Createspace is telling me I must sell my book for--minimum!


My book is:
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
632 pages

When I compare it to another in the Heroic Fantasy Genera, for example:

The Last Mortal Bond (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne) 656 pages, $17.25 Hard Back and $7.54 soft!

$7.54!!!! For a known writer, who has built a loyal following, writing a well-reviewed book!

Has Createspace lost their ef'ing mind! No one will buy mine for $20.08!



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Tom Oldman wrote:

EDIT: Sure, just reverse the search terms:  ^p[space]. There is no rule that says you have to have text in front of the "^p". You can even use combinations like ^p^p.

Yep.  That worked. Found a few of those as well. Thanks!

EDIT: Did I say a few?  I meant 35!! *face palm**


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Yes, Ann, I was using the paragraph marks. Thanks.

Tom, you are my new favorite person in the world! That WORKS!! Thank you so much!

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!. If I were a billionaire, I'd buy you a room on the International Space Station!

EDIT: Tom, thanks to you, I found 33 of those "extra spaces."

EDIT EDIT: Did I say 33? Add another 14 after quote, question, and exclamation marks. Dahum.

Tom, is there a way to find an extra space at the START of a line? (More rare, but I occasionally do that as well.)


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"Gremlin" is what my beloved editor calls those 100s of little mistakes you make in writing: leaving out words (She picked ___ the book and read..."), homonyms and homophones (The night put on his breastplate and grieves and readied himself for the battle!) and comma splices (She, along with her, friends, didn't know what to, do.)

I have a new gremlin that is plaguing me:

As most of you know, formatting a book for Createspace, or some other e-reader, goes batshitcrazy when you commit the sin of putting an extra space at the end of a line and hitting return. (...and they all died.[space][Return/Enter]

Is there an easy way to find these and kill them? Double spaces are easy; I can enter .[space][space] on Find and navigate right to them. I could also do this with .[space], but then I get 10,000 little yellow marks. That's work, but I have an allergy to hard work.

I use Word 2010.

Any secrets I don't know?

Tom Oldman wrote:

You don't say in your post, so I'll just add that you can insert a Page Break anywhere you want it using Ctrl-Enter. Your new text entry point will jump to a fresh page.

I do agree that having page breaks visible is a good idea so you can remove them if you need to.


That's probably how I made my "mistake" --hitting Ctrl-Enter and seeing "Page Break" appear. "Hello. What's that?"

Hello all:

I write using Microsoft Word 2010, and--by an accident I can't even wonder how I did--I discovered something that made my life easier.

(If you already know this, great! For the ignorant masses out there--like me--this will be pure gold)

As you know, a chapter must start at the top of a new page.

Word 2010 (and probably all the others) have something called "Page Break." 


Yep, I didn't know that. I was doing it manually by hitting return until the cursor was at the top of the next page. That worked until I deleted and/or wrote something, and then I had to do the whole thing all over again.  Also, Kindle didn't like that and had a habit of ignoring my returns.

Hope this helped someone.

P.S. To see that "page break" show up on your screen, you must have the "Show paragraph marks" tab clicked under the Home tab. (You should be writing with that clicked on anyway--always. I hope you knew that.)

njc wrote:

Hmmm.  What happens if you drop all the proper nouns NOT linked to your protag?

Well, I tweeked it a bit--eliminated a few of the dreaded proper nouns.  Still a bit heavy on the adjectives, but within tolerable limits:

Demos Azari, an advisor to a militant order of crusading knights, has captured an ancient evil within an enchanted box. By extorting the fiend’s vast knowledge, Demos longs to release mankind from their obsession with absent gods. The immortal he imprisoned, however, has an agenda of its own and schemes to unleash a legion of brutes eager to rain devastation on the world. Hope resides in Aaron, a magician who searches for a way to prevent this evil from carrying out its sinister plans.

Caught between these men is Shadyia, a passionate and daring courtesan of the Silver Rose palace. Concealing both a forbidden romance with a fellow sister and a vengeful past, Shadyia must choose which man to favor. Her madam demands she appease Demos to keep their sorority safe from the wrath of his order, but Shadyia’s integrity requires she aid Aaron. Will she follow him beneath the Silver Rose and face the shadows of death, or betray him to preserve the sisterhood she cherishes above all?

And a note to those who don't like sword or heroic fantasy. There are two distinct factions of this genre; low and high magic. High magic is often populated with dwarves and elves and dragons and has a wizard on every corner, a hidden prince who rides a winged unicorn and all that childish, geeky stuff.

Low magic, the faction I prefer, may have mystical beasts and magicians, but these are rare, wondrous or downright terrifying.  These stories rely on more of what you probably love; human drama. The appeal of sword fantasy has, at its core, always been about people seizing their own destiny. Characters in these stories are not leaves in a river, they ARE the river, flowing over rocks and shattering logjams as they seek...well, often they don't know where they're going, and that also has appeal.

I model my writing after David Gemmell, whom I adore. His characters are often beaten, but rarely defeated. The back drop is magical, but the stories are human.

Janet, thanks for catching that 'enchanted' --I didn't see that. Big no-no.

After some feedback from my editor, father and the folks here, I have rewritten the blurb. I would be curious if this hits the spot:

The great city of Anderholm dangles at the edge of ruin. Demos Azari has bound a devious evil inside an enchanted box. As a fanatical advisor to the Innocenti, Demos longs to release mankind from its obsession with absent gods, but the imprisoned fiend has its own agenda and the slaughter of humanity is but the least of its goals. Hope resides in Aaron, a magician who searches for an enchanted ruby which holds the knowledge to prevent this evil from escaping the box. Between these men stands Shadyia, a passionate and daring courtesan of the Silver Rose. Concealing both a forbidden romance with a fellow sister and a vengeful past, she must choose which man to favor. Her madam demands Shadyia please Demos to keep the sisterhood safe from the wrath of his order, but Shadyia’s integrity requires she aid Aaron. Will she follow him beneath the Silver Rose and face the shadows of death, or betray him to preserve the sisterhood she cherishes above all?

Also, regarding my OP, I am leaning toward "be my friend" over the efficient, cold letter.

Anyone long for the years, so long ago, when finding a publisher was very hard? Now just to find an agent is very hard and a publisher impossible.

It's POD all the way, baby. Your fate is in your own hands.