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Welcome to an Introduction to Creative Writing!

I'm very excited to be teaching this class. As a warm-up, I'd like everyone to provide a quick introduction. If you're new to the class, go ahead and tell us a little bit about yourself. Don't be shy!  Please include the following:

(1) What type of writing (romance, horror, science fiction, etc.) do you like to do?
(2) When did you start writing?
(3) Who are a couple of your favorite authors?
(4) What's a fun or quirky fact about you?

The goal of the class is to teach you some of the basics of creative writing while having a good time.


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I'm Kim.
4) I tend to jump in with both feet without waiting for instructions and am the queen of ongoing projects, which this year includes a goat farm and a summer literacy program for neighborhood children.
1) I write YA, fantasy, sci-fi, religious, and very poor poetry.
2) I started a blog a couple years ago, though I have a rather embarrassing half finished manuscript lying around that is going on ten years old. I plan to disown it once it hits puberty.
3) Favorite authors: CS LEWIS, Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, JK Rowling,

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Welcome SJ! Nice to have you aboard. It sounds like you'll have a busy but productive year.

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My name is Jasmine. I cannot write. Well I have tried numerous time.  But I do love the process of creating stories in my head. I want to take the stories from my head and write them done. The stories may not be good enough for others to read, but I will be doubled thrilled with getting something down into the written form.
So this is start of big exciting writing journey. So let's go........
What do I love to write ... Romance and editorial stuff
When did I start writing. I have been trying since I was about 14 years of age.
My favourite author.. I have read a lot of Christain Feehan books as well as many other authors.  I Readl lots of romances.
What is fun and quirky about myself.... Well I love life and I try to practice that every day . I love my family with a passion. I am Nanna and I play like a kid.
I am looking forward to this writing course ......

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Gregg Rowe, (non de plume for Dale Gregory Rowe), was born in Dawson Creek, British Columbia (Canada) on March 12th, 1960.  He has hitch-hiked across Canada, stopping along in cities and towns to seek employment to earn his way and now resides in St-Agathe-des-Monts Nord, Québec (Canada, for tax purposes.

In his twenties he studied Fine Arts at Vanier College in Ville St-Laurent, Québec.  He is now a Professional Student at Concordia University in Montréal, Québec, enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English Literature Program.  At the speed of his studies he will graduate when he is 77 years old.

Gregg started writing poetry at the age of ten, dabbling in journalism at the age of sixteen and a published poet and journalist by the time he graduated from high school at the age of eighteen.  His journalism experience came in handy when he was appointed "Special Reporter" for The Link, Concordia`s University student newspaper in 1995.

That same year his first short 15-minute play. "Two Good-byes" was produced an performed at the Stornaway Gallery in Montréal starring Géraldine Doucet (Snapshot Productions) and Tony Calebretta (Plateau Productions) and directed by Terry Donald (Centeur Theatre).

In 2004 and 2005, Gregg was appointed Writer-in-Residence at Trinity College in Hartford. Connecticut (USA)

Gregg saw his writing career start to take off.  His work has appeared in "Tracy Dion Cooper", (2012) a anagram for Concordia University and a class anthology; and in "101 Lentos", (2013) an anthology devoted to the poetry form called "The Lento"

In 2013 and 2014, Gregg published his two books of poetry "Poems for Mother" (2013) and "Angels in Disguise Series" (2014)  He is currently working on his third book of poetry "Flight of an Exocet" coming out in August 2015.

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Hi Gregg,

Nice to have you in the class!


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Hi Sol,
Just joined the class and printed out the first lesson.  I write contemporary romance and have been a member of TNBW for several years now.  I started writing when I was about 12.  My mother couldn't keep me away from an old manual typewriter. 

Some of my favorite writers are Nora Roberts, Stephen King (a master), John Grisham, Charlotte Bronte, Michael Connelly and Harlan Coben, just to name a few. 

A fun or quirky thing about me is that I can act as childish as my granddaughters when they were growing up.  We now have a bond that is precious.  I love my husband and my family and cherish life to the fullest.

Looking forward to learning more about honing my craft.  Thank you for offering this class.

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Hello, my name is Vanessa and am a mom to 3 beautiful beasties all under the age of six years; they are truly my inspiration to work towards my goal of one day being a published author. My husband has encouraged me to start writing again as I have sadly put it aside while he was away due to military obligations. Yet now while he has moved from active duty to the reserves, I have a bit more time to create some fantastical worlds with hopefully some loveable characters.
1. My favorite to write is young adult whether it be historical drama, romance, fantasy, science fiction, etc. The reason being is that I believe that the next generation needs to find a love for reading as well as writing, especially in such a digital age.
2. I think I really started creating stories while I was in high school. My friends loved to read anything I wrote, so thus I was eager to capture other people's fascination.
3. A few of my favorite authors are P.C. Cast, Neal Shusterman, Melissa De La Cruz, Philippa Gregory, JK Rowling (of course) among many others.
4. A quirky fact about me is that I get all my story ideas from my dreams at night. I feel like I am odd since I often have dreams that are like movies and as soon as I wake up I try to recreate what happened in said dream.

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(1) What type of writing (romance, horror, science fiction, etc.) do you like to do?: I am not in to much of romance but I can handle it, I am a mix of all genres
(2) When did you start writing?: Elementary school but I stopped for some reason just decided to write a one shot comic.
(3) Who are a couple of your favorite authors? Edgar Allen Poe, HP Love Craft, Sherlock Holmes, Game of thrones,
(4) What's a fun or quirky fact about you?: I'm just a simple guy thats misunderstood thats why I am aswome, I live anime, manga and games