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Topic: Sol, a request

I recall that before the revamp of TNBW, it used to be possible to download or print a story or chapter post. It made my first read through much easier.

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It used to be possible to generate a print-friendly version but we thought with iPads and smart phones it wasn't necessary anymore. Would you prefer print out a hard copy?

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I don't have WiFi, on-line reading eats up my data allowance and is becoming very costly. Would it be possible to restore the download-print feature? Or just the print version option so I can copy and paste it for off-line reading.

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I'd like to be able to print out my reviews too. That way I have them in hand when I start revisions. Yeah, I can do a split screen, but you can't see the inlines without clicking on each one. Thus, my suggestion for the comments to be on the side, like tracking changes in a Word.doc. You can copy and paste chapters before review and you can copy and past regular reviews to print out. Just NOT inlines at all.

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Why would you print out a hard copy?

The user advocate in me says 'What does it matter why?'  (It is simply perverse that saying 'print' does not show me what's on the screen.  What else is 'print' for?)  But okay ...

The screen interface hasn't been invented (save for such ancient editors as Vi) that allows you to see several distant parts side by side.

You can see a larger chunk on a paper page.

Paper is still easier on the eyes.

Paper doesn't run on batteries, so you're not limited by battery life.

Paper is not fragile and nor worth stealing, so you can carry it to mark up or re-read in places where you wouldn't want to carry a computer.  Paper won't be damaged if it's bent.

You can mark up a piece of paper, then throw the mark-up out or disregard it later.  Only the most sophisticated version-control systems allow you to do this.

You can mark up things like text rearrangement multiple times without the risk of losing something in the editing, then make the changes in the on-line text carefully and mindfully once you have settled on a version.

I can probably come up with a few more if you need them.

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One of my book characters still uses paper in the year 4017. Same reasons. :-)

On the other hand, some call centers that deal with confidential information (e.g., SSN) don't allow pen/paper on the desks, so the information can't be easily stolen.


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I strongly agree with Lesley, Janet n& njc. As soon as I moved over to the new tnbw, I requested the Print function be restored, and was told it was coming soon. I can see that printing out the on-line review comments and replies will take some programming, but I believe being unable to see a hard copy of the entire review is a BIG lack in the new system. njc -- every point is well done.

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njc wrote:

  (It is simply perverse that saying 'print' does not show me what's on the screen.  What else is 'print' for?)

Let me put this in more positive terms: One of the great principles of interface design, whether of user interface or programming interfaces, is The Principle of Least Surprise.  A PRINT button observes this by printing something that resembles what's on screen.

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