Topic: Losing points by reviewing

Sol, I inadvertently posted this issue in my sub-group, so am repeating it here. Today I looked at my points for the first time and found, to my dismay, that I lost 10 points while reviewing! I mean, what's up with that? You're supposed to GET points for reviewing, right? I didn't post new content or edit old content - just did reviews. A list of points gained for each review added up to 9.77. Yet I lost ten points. And I had .03 points deducted because I posted one of my poems to Premium - only I didn't do that. It's just in my portfolio. What's going on here?

Re: Losing points by reviewing

Hi Jack,

I saw the message and posted a Quickee for you. I didn't see you losing points.  You transferred over from the old site with 3,689 points and now have 3,699 points. Where did you see that you lost points? Let me know and I will investigate further.


Re: Losing points by reviewing

So you start from the bottom of the list and go up? What is this, Chinese? smile Okay, if that's the drill, I'll accept it. I guess. But you haven't explained how I got .03 points deducted for posting a poem on Premium when I did no such thing. The point value is miniscule, but it suggests a flaw in the system.