Topic: confusion on points.

You don't have enough points to update this chapter! Your current balance is 0.59 and you need 0.73 points!<<This is the message I receive when I go in and simply edit. Do we now have to have points to edit? I ask also again--If we post to the premium group and a private group that uses points do we have to double post and use double points? I'm a bit confused. I THINK my edits are going through, but don't know for sure.

Re: confusion on points.

Hi Janet, my understanding is that if you edit and increase the word count, extra credits will be required to do the edit.  Sol said on the old site you could've posted 2000 words for x credits, and then afterwards, edited the piece to 4000 words without using any additional credits.  I don't think anyone did this on purpose, but agree it was a loophole which has been addressed with the new site.  There's a more detailed thread on the Premium Forum about this - see if you can find it.  Hope this helps though!  Cheers Janet

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Re: confusion on points.

There have been some reports of inconsistency in the counts and discussion of the correct behavior when  you shorten and lengthen.  I think it was on either wishlist or bugs.

Correction: it was on the 'Question ... points for edit' forum.  We now have four forums directed to this one topic, all under Premium.  Is there a problem with people not seeing all the existing forums when creating?  Or with not being able to search?