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I'm thinking of writing a thriller about a street where all the terrible tragedies happen to one side of the street and all the glory and triumph occurs on the other side of the street.  Any thoughts?

I used to live along this creek and I'm telling you there's divorce murder suicide drugs dui arrests west nile virus... everything has happened to that side... and the other side?  hmmm curiously successful.


Re: new idea

Cool. Wrong side of the tracks sorta thing. Could be a very interesting meta-verse exercise in gerrymandered dichotomy. I think you need a European style street, then. I'm thinking row houses either side, people ignoring each other unless they're fighting. There's a song called ON THE DARK END OF THE STREET by THE COMMITMENTS that maybe or maybe not inspire you for no good reason whatsoever. I'm just inspired by music, personally, but then again... Nobody cares. That, also, is key... The fact that NOBODY CARES. Run with it.

Re: new idea

I like the idea... row houses in England, and the song!  Thanks John... Even the gerymandering and wrong side of the tracks political punch could be interesting.  I'm totally gonna run with it so I can continue to avoid the novel I intended on finishing during 2021.  Super fun.  I think I've graduated into true Writer status with that bullshit ballsy move.

Re: new idea

Don't go getting me excited, for chrissakes! I can hardly generate an original thought of my own anymore..