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Topic: Transitions

Transitions are a craft element you rarely see talked about, but they are REALLY important if you want your prose and narrative to glide seamlessly.  When you do hear about transitions, it’s usually about the “big picture” transitions—Chapter-to-Chapter and Scene-to-Scene.  But this article also addresses the more granular transitions of Paragraph-to-Paragraph and Sentence-to-Sentence, which, when you get attuned to them and they becomes natural, helps make your prose flow MUCH better.  I have a great book that discusses this at length with lots of examples, but I hadn’t seen anything online that effectively explained it.  This does a fair job of it:

http://blog.janicehardy.com/2009/09/re- … .html#more

Re: Transitions

I am terrible at transitions. thanks so much.

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Thanks, Temple. The author is really advertising a coupla of her books, but the comments are interesting regardless. What's the book you've got? The one advertised? Would you recommend it?