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You need to check those vulnerabilities again. The hacker is having a great time exposing them. Dunno why, or exactly how they profit from attacking us, but they're certainly back.



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Didn't get anything the first time around, but today,  I got two messages.

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I didn't get any the first time either, but it looks like I have three today, all from Red Mercy.

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Yes, the hacker got back in. I think we resolved the problem. It had to do with groups which is why the hacker was able to mess with the groups. Groups have a lot of control and power so this allowed them to really mess things up, especially with Premium.

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I got three messages which vanished before I could look at them.  I infer that they are from the hacker.  Gacela, you've been in Second Life, so you know; griefers do it for fun.  It's the same here, I'm sure.