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Hello Everyone

My name is Karen, I'm in the process of writing or should I say editing my first book.  I would love to get to know everyone here and get some advice on everything.  LOL

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Hi, Karen,
Welcome.  You will learn a lot here and receive many thoughts, opinions, and suggestions.  This site helped me more than any other.  Lots of good advice to be had here.  The one thing I would suggest is when you post your first chapter or story or poem, make sure to post it in a group that pays points to the reviewer, like the Premium group.  If you're not a member of it yet, may I suggest you join that one before you post.  You will get more reviewers if they get points for their review, which they will use to post their next piece. 

Other than that, enjoy yourself, remember the suggestions you receive are just that--suggestions.  Feel free to use them or toss them. 

Looking forward to reading some of your work!

Peace to you,

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Welcome, Karen.
Ditto to everything Marilyn said!!

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Welcome smile

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Welcome, Karen.  I hope you find a home here.