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Hello all you lovely wonderful writers...yes you.

I have been away writing and completing my first novel, although this is my second attempt. Yay me.
It's a YA fantasy novel, the humor is not subtle but hopefully not too corny.

Anyway, I got there in the end. Now I need to build bridges and get some Quid Pro Quo reviewing going.

I'm hesitant to leap straight into established novels that are well under way with reviews, as I'm sure you might find it inconvenient to have reviews of chapter 1 while your working on say chapter 35.

Having said that, if you do want a nit picking OCD eye cast over your work please let me know.

So please swing by, any hard hitting review is welcome, I so desperately wanna get better as a writer. … tiny-21946

Thanks everyone.


Re: Needing reviews

I just wanna thank all those who have reviewed my first chapter. I know I've started off bad with too much narration, as someone said, a travel guide. Anyway, this is easily fixed and I think once a reader gets into the second chapter things settle down to what one expects in a novel.

Thank you again, I'll contact you all to find out what you'd like reviewed unless it's obvious.


Re: Needing reviews

You have tons now!

Re: Needing reviews

Yes, and thanks Janet, I listened to your critique and have edited accordingly.