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Topic: Sheriff Norm! Writer and the Princess, Review

Sheriff Norm!

Great story!  There is a unique quality to it, an alluring voice that somehow fits the subject and setting perfectly. The narrators voice really makes me feel that I am being told a legend of his people and I feel privileged to listen.

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Anyway, damn this reviewing thing, I am so crap at it. I should stick to just reading.

I want to apologise for calling a technical aspect of the storyline into question. I blundered in and made an ignorant assumption re: RLS communicating with his publishers in England from Hawaii. Sorry.  You have the expert knowledge and the background research of this story down to a tee.

I feel embarrassed, like a complete fool, because I know just how annoying ignorant comments can be.

Especially so, now that I have noticed that your story has gathered another review, that some points of which, quite frankly I consider daft.

Don't worry, it is us reviewers and not the story who are offbeat here.

Regards, Dill