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Although Sol has set up reviews to allow for more comments after a review is made, I'm finding that difficult for allowing free-flowing discussion in which others can participate. I've set up a group where people can start threads directed at a writer or reviewer, to continue the conversation, akin to the old forum we had. So it's there for everybody to use, whenever they like, to reach out to each other re a particular piece.

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Could this be a forum thread rather than a group? We have a limited number of groups we can join.

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I think Sol expanded the list of groups to ten.

Also, if it's a forum thread under tnbw Premium, it wouldn't allow for individual sub-threads for particular pieces and quite honestly, I'm getting barraged with emails for the threads I subscribed to on the big preemie thread...I think this is the cleanest way to do this.

Of course, as in everything else, I could be totally wrong!


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No. I think you're right. I see your points. I didn't know the groups allowed were expanded. Thanks for the info. I'm still learning the nuts and bolts of this site. It seems with every new feature there are new rules about things I assumed. I love the new site, though.

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Sol please advise re total group number allowed for preemies. I'd seen that you'd raised it to ten, but apparently not. I started a separate thread here to ask you this question but It may be getting lost in the shuffle.