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Hi everyone,

We're going to take the difficulty up a notch this week and tackle POV. I often see writing with shifting POV, something called head-hopping. Head-hopping can confuse the reader and take them out of the story. Understanding POV is a crucial tool for any writer.

Lesson two on point of view (POV) has been posted. Please read it over. There are also several homework assignments to complete as part of the lesson.
You can read the lesson here: … -pov-20878

Let me know if you have questions.

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So, I'm reading Wizard of Earthsea, which is third person omniscient . Leguin does change perspective a few times in the chapter, but does so skillfully. The changes in character are accompanied by good narrative transitions
A better example might be "A wrinkle in Time." This is limited third from Meg's persective

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Leguin does change perspective a few times in the chapter, but does so skillfully.

It can certainly be done but it's not easy for a beginner writer to pull it off smoothly.

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I love reading books written by Christain Feehan. I just reread the first chapter of "Dark Storm." It is written in first person. It makes the writing very personal and the feeling that come through the writing are so fresh and true to the real feelings of a person. It is written in the here and now rather than what will or has happen.
But what I found interesting is not how the main character was written with the use of "I" . But how are the supportive characters written and how do you write so there is no sense of jarring for the reader. In this book the supportive characters are written in terms of the main character observing the actions of the other characters and listening to their dialogue.
I think further into this story "Dark Storm"  has another main character  that uses the word. "I". So it will be interesting to study the use of two characters using the same point of view - "I".
I will certainly study now a few books and the first chapter to learn some of the ways to write in the different point of view.
This has been quite a big learning curve for me as it has certainly made me think more deeply about  the use of the point of view in a story.