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sonny's Profile

Penname: sonny
Country: Switzerland
Web address: www.sonny1.squarespace.com
Favorite book: Faust
Member type: Author
Member Since: Oct 30, 2005
Bio: Translator

User Writings

Title/Name Date Ranking Reviews Type
Apr 20, 2008133143Novel

Warning: this story contains a penetrating...

May 3, 200799184Novel

Lazarus tells his story.

Mar 19, 200722658Novel

Mark McGill goes on a mission to Beirut.

Apr 15, 201231520Novel

All suggestions for improvement welcome.

May 16, 201314584Novel

John Krueger offers an old friend a lucrative job.

Jul 30, 2014131141Novel

Title? Content? Development of story line?...

Dec 20, 200910318Poetry

Evolution in the style of Christian Morgenstern.

Jul 20, 200610328Poetry

Advanced Myrmecology

Jul 21, 200725113Poetry

Mishmont's poem "The New Moon" paints such a...

Dec 8, 200717215Poetry

Critiques welcomed.

Jan 7, 201125611Poetry

English version only. Rhyme okay? Meter? Does...

Dec 9, 20077328Poetry

Some supercilious woman reviewer chided the...

Feb 3, 20087158Poetry

The rules for composing chaiku are simple and...

Aug 24, 20117118Poetry

Born and raised in Cape Canaveral, Florida, I...

Mar 5, 201011415Poetry

For Rlvs, whose challenge to write something...

Aug 12, 201110357Poetry

All suggestions for improvement, including...

Jun 15, 20096539Poetry


Jul 19, 201126711Poetry

Can anybody tell me how to remove the spaces...

Aug 17, 201121911Poetry

All suggestions for improvement welcome.

Jul 19, 20118817Poetry

Go to it!

Jul 19, 201115765Poetry

Is there a trick to posting poems without all...

Jul 25, 20114939Poetry

When invited to recite this limerick in public,...

Aug 17, 201112287Poetry

All suggestions for improvement welcome.

Aug 22, 201126863Poetry

Phrases stolen from Odin Roark's 'Hourglass...

Aug 23, 20119267Poetry

All comments welcome...

Nov 21, 20097425Short Story

Mozart loses his temper with a neighbor, then...

Apr 21, 2006568Short Story

A day in the life of an eight-year-old boy.

Dec 1, 20057032Short Story

Sonny and Carmen choose a name for their first...

Apr 21, 200611620Short Story

Poultry fancier Robert Edward Graham wins a...

Mar 23, 20071241Short Story

A story within a story. Disgruntled at having...

Jul 3, 200981710Short Story

Bloomington, Indiana. July 3, 2009

Oct 23, 20075722Short Story

A response to Brosn11's piece on Irish...

Sep 5, 20086222Short Story

A prominent authority on rants recommends...

Feb 25, 20105522Short Story

Life brings different experiences to all of us....

Jul 6, 20081645Short Story

How right you were, Nadine. Just couldn't stop...

Mar 9, 201212115Short Story

Suggestions for improvement welcome.

Dec 9, 200870311Short Story

All comments welcome.

Sep 6, 200817417Short Story

The lastest on divine intervention.

Sep 27, 20084729Short Story

Couldn't use the title 'Trick or Treat' because...

Dec 7, 200847913Short Story

A first attempt at the 'Romance' genre....

Dec 1, 200845212Short Story

Can the premise be stated more succinctly?

Jan 24, 200936613Short Story

Better late than never. The word count should...

Jan 25, 200949810Short Story

Meant to post this earlier but forgot. Just...

Apr 13, 200946415Short Story

With sincere apologies to Dorothy Parker for...

Aug 5, 20118547Short Story

All suggestions for improvement welcome.

May 30, 2009944Short Story

Better title? Grateful for all suggestions.

Oct 25, 200947211Short Story


Nov 3, 200928614Short Story

Advice on critiquing from an older, wiser head.

Jan 20, 201018318Short Story

any feedback welcome

Feb 9, 20101534Short Story

411 words - funny? is it flash fiction? - does...

Jun 7, 20103227Short Story

Funny or not? Any idea why?

Jul 14, 201045910Short Story

Suggestions for improvement.

Feb 27, 20116319Short Story

All feedback welcome.

Aug 10, 201147011Short Story

All suggestions for improvement welcome.

May 7, 201135912Short Story

Note to reviewers. The following stray...

Jul 29, 201141110Short Story

All suggestions for improvement welcome.

Jul 30, 201113355Short Story

All suggestions for improvement welcome.

Oct 23, 201255510Short Story

An old gag posted shortly after the election in...

Oct 20, 20126238Short Story

All comments welcome.

Oct 2, 201241810Short Story

A reportage inspired by John Hamler's many...

Oct 4, 20134429Short Story

An old gag, freshened up. Suggestions for...

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