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Nathan B. Childs's Profile

Penname: Nathan B. Childs
Country: United States
Favorite book: Call of the Wild, Earth Abides, On the Road, The Sea Wolf
Member type: Author
Member Since: Mar 1, 2008
Bio: I'm a father of three, grandfather of seven extraordinary kids. I'm a dog trainer who began writing in the '80s. My first self-published book was a dog-training manual typed out on a Royal manual typewriter. That was 1984. I didn't write anything other than a letter until 2002, when I revised and republished Shaping the Wolf Within Your Dog. It was around then that I stumbled into this sanctuary for creative writers exercising their passion and/or addiction. And it's been an enjoyable and learning experience.

User Writings

Title/Name Date Ranking Reviews Type
Aug 16, 200811254Novel

This is a love quest in the age of sex, drugs,...

Mar 7, 201210645Novel

In the spring of 2011, a young woman is...

Nov 19, 201256300Novel

After his novel, The End of Days, hit the...

Sep 24, 20088838Novel

This is the story of a family who rose from the...

Oct 21, 201236355Novel

A runaway girl meets a man on the run from...

May 15, 200822366Novel

For forty-four years I have been training dogs...

Jun 15, 200954346Novel

This is an apocalyptic thriller with an...

Dec 20, 2013155110Novel

Hope you enjoy this, as I try to squeeze out...

Jan 24, 2014126146Novel

Former private investigator takes a takes a...

Nov 11, 201020274Novel

Widow Betty Jean Adams befriends a homeless...

Jul 15, 201319186Novel

This is a story about a misfit with a gift.

Jun 1, 200812918Poetry

Putting life in perspective from a dog's point...

Jul 30, 200818915Poetry

What are we to make of life when it takes so...

Oct 3, 200849811Poetry

Having suffered from depression for most of my...

May 15, 201427612Poetry

From a dog's perspective, to err is human; to...

Jul 30, 201328512Poetry

A father's love for his son

May 19, 20143402NewPoetry

A dog's perspective on dog owners.

May 21, 201421444Poetry

Thought I'd stop with two poems, couldn't do it.

May 22, 20148427Poetry

The heart of a hunting dog is oversized

May 28, 201412156Poetry

Four years ago, my dog died at the dog park. I...

Jun 17, 201410507Poetry

The dating scene in other species can differ...

Jun 17, 20149857Poetry

A dog's POV when it comes to life in general...

Feb 6, 2010945Short Story

fractured sex education

Jul 24, 20083329Short Story

There came a specific time when I knew I would...

Aug 23, 200813621Short Story

What does God do in Heaven all day? A humorous...

Oct 21, 20087529Short Story

Due to aldersmith's inspiration, I am posting a...

Nov 30, 200933415Short Story

A team of nanotechnologists investigate the...

Apr 3, 20101741Short Story

A story of madness and survival that I hope...

Aug 17, 20132632Short Story

Having time to kill, I edited this old story....

Feb 10, 201014220Short Story

dedicated to the 'devil dogs' of World War II

Oct 4, 201096211Short Story

Young women are being killed in Miami, Florida.

Nov 23, 20136020Short Story

Fifty years ago, everyone took sides

Apr 27, 20132231Short Story

This is my entry in the Lorian Hemingway...

Oct 18, 20135839Short Story

A fractured nursery rhyme.

Dec 20, 201021615Short Story

A man tries to right a wrong.

Dec 23, 201011098Short Story

Timer traveler arrives in New York City in the...

Dec 23, 201010158Short Story

Destination: Washington D.C Date: July 4, 2050...

Dec 23, 20106339Short Story

A Buddhist travels to the world of his...

Dec 24, 201017674Short Story

Back to 4000 B.C. 21st-century man meets the...

Dec 25, 201026716Short Story

Jewish man travels to first-century Jerusalem

Jan 30, 201148810Short Story

This is written from a dog's point of view. All...

Nov 29, 20136659Short Story

November 28, 1963

Sep 26, 201110947Short Story

summary for best pitch contest

Feb 13, 201325114Short Story

Let's play ball in Hell.

Oct 24, 201311217Short Story

I think this is a final edit, and just in time...

May 27, 201323115Short Story

Just playing around this morning. Hope you...

Dec 5, 201353611Short Story

"There are two kinds of rednecks," according to...

Mar 2, 20147698Short Story

Hope you get a smile out of this one.

Nov 15, 20132526Short Story

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

Nov 21, 201323314Short Story

Feel free to point out the deadwood and...

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