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JHawk's Profile

Penname: JHawk
Country: United States
Web address: jhawk@clearwire.net
Favorite book: Tai Pan
Member type: Author
Member Since: Aug 28, 2008
Bio: JHawk is an international educator, published author, entrepreneur, and business executive whose career has brought cutting-edge educational technology to more than 100 international countries. His professional career highlights include: U. S. Military Officer; Financial Executive, and, today, he is the President and Chief Executive Officer, JHawk & Associates, an international educational consultancy.JHawk has a bachelors degree in sociology, an MBA, and doctorates in Education (Ed.D.) and International Business (Ph.D.)

User Writings

Title/Name Date Ranking Reviews Type
Jan 15, 201036381Novel

Mankind faces Armageddon as terrorism, war, and...

Jul 16, 201143369Novel

The long fabled history of Rome was built on...

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