Providing Constructive Feedback and Making Friends

When you provide feedback on an author's writing, you will play a critical role on the site. The feedback you provide will play an important role in helping a writer improve their work. Writers join the site to receive honest, constructive feedback. Below is some advice on providing constructive feedback in a way that will not anger or turn-off the person whose work you are reviewing.

Advice on Providing Feedback:

Read the story carefully. Print it out if that's easier.

Provide constructive feedback and criticism. Do not just gush about how good the work is. No writer is so good that there couldn't be improvements. Do not simply disparage the work. Mean and unhelpful remarks are not tolerated.

Use the golden rule: only write about other's work the way you would like them to write about your work.

Writers find it very helpful when you provide examples. If using the in-line reviewing tool, highlight passages that think need improvent. If leaving a regular review, provide quotes and citations to illustrate your point.

For novels, many writers do not appreciate a reviewer jumping in mid-way through the book and and providing feedback without the benefit of having read the previous chapters. If you do so, do so cautiously and tactfully, realizing it may not be well-received by all.

Guidelines for Leaving Feedback

1 Tip 1: Be nice and provide valuable feedback.

Members can delete reviews and also ban other members. So trolling the site and trying to create problems will only isolate a user.

2 Tip 2: Review the work, not the writer.

The work posted on the site is open to feedback but the writer isn't. Never insult a writer or question their motivations or talents. Never tell a writer to stop writing.

3 Tip 3: Listen to the type of feedback a writer wants.

Writers can list what type of feedback they are looking for. Perhaps they want help with grammar or spelling. Or maybe they want general feedback on character development or plot.

Good luck!

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