Using Shelves to Promote Your Book

The BookShelf can be used to help you promote any books you have written. Adding a book to your bookshelf has the following advantages:

1 The book is added to your shelf tab as well as the homepage of your profile page. From here it is visible to readers who visit your page. If the book is on Amazon a link is provided so that it can be purchased directly from that site.

2 The book appears on the homepage of everyone you are connected to. This lets other members know that the book is available. If they Shelf the book then it will be seen by their connections. This can help the book quickly be seen by many potential readers as others decide to Shelf the book and it continues to propagate.

How to Shelf a Book You Have Published

a Go to the Published Shelf tab. You can find this by clicking on your name on the upper right of the main menu and then going to BookShelf on the drop-down.

b Search for the book using the search box.

c Find the book and click on the title.

d On the Amazon page, find the ISBN-10 number or the ASIN and copy it.

e Go back to your shelf page and input this number into the box that says: Input new Amazon book ISBN 10 number or ASIN Code.

f Select that you want to put this on your Published shelf.

g Click the Shelfit button.

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