What Are Groups and How You Can Use Them

Groups are stand-alone communities on TheNextBigWriter. Think of them as separate mini-sites within the main site.

Each group has the following features:

A Founder. The Founder of a group is the person who first created the group. A Founder can leave a group but they will always be acknowledged as the Founder. Anyone can Start a group and become a Founder. Founders have moderator privileges unless they decide to leave the group. They cannot leave a group unless they pick someone else to become the Moderator.

Moderators. Moderators can accept new members into the group, delete forum posts that are deemed inappropriate, delete content that is deemed inappropriate and, remove members from a group. They have the power to effectively run the group. Groups can have multiple moderators.

Homepage. Every group has its own homepage with its own url. Members can access the site directly from this url, or from their homepages, or Group pages. The homepage shows recent group activity.

Forum. Each group has its own messaging forum. Members can meet, discuss, share, and post information in the message forum.

Content. Each group has its own content pages where content posted to that group appears.

Members. Each group has its own list of members.

You can use the group to run a writing group, create a writing class, or publish your own literary magazine. It's up to you. Be creative.

How Can You Use Groups?

Anyone can create a group. Uses include:

Offline writing groups that want to create an online home.

Middle school, high school, or college writing classes.

Writing or other types of courses.

Website writing groups.

Small critique groups

Ideas we haven't even thought of.

Basic Membership allows the creation or joining of one group. Premium Members can join or create up to 10 groups.

Why Create a Group?

If you have a need to bring together writers in a community then groups might be perfect for you. Using TheNextBigWriter Groups, you receive:

Tools to post novels, short stories, poems, articles, scripts, and more.

Private messaging.

Reviews and feedback.

In-line comments for leaving and receiving detailed mark-up on content. Available to Premium Members.

Access to the credit system, for helping create a reciprocal workshop experience. Available to Premium Members.

How to Create a Group

To create a Group, simply register as a member and then go to our Create Groups page, under the main Groups Menu.

Create a new group

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