Conversion Information for TheNextBigWriter Members

Basic Overview

Welcome to the new site. All of your content, reviews, credits, and account status have been converted and transferred over. To access this information, you can login using the same email and password that you used to access the old site. To login, click on the Login button at the upper top right of the page.

Once you log in, you will come to a page that will ask if you want Basic Membership or Premium Membership. Basic Membership is similar to Reviewer Membership on the old site and has no cost. Premium Membership is analogous to the old Writing Membership. For a side-by-side comparison of Basic versus Premium members, click here.

The biggest differences are that Permium members can join up to 10 groups, can post content to all groups and use the point system, can enter site contests, and can use the site's in-line review tool. Basic members cannot.

Once you choose your membership option, you will come to the new homepage, which provides messages and alerts that might be of interest to you. You can always return to this homepage by clicking the TheNextBigWriter logo at the top left of any screen. If you do not see your homepage when you click this logo, you need to login again.

Below is a screenshot of the homepage with red arrows pointing to the alerts and points information.

Post Your Writing

Use the blue Post Your Writing button at the top of the page to begin posting your novels, poems, and short stories. We've also added some new content types including essays, articles, books, and scripts.

The biggest difference when publishing is that on the new site you must select which Group(s) you want to publish the content to. For those who are confused, just publish your writing to TheNextBigWriter Premium for now. This is equivalent to publishing content on the old site.

Below is a screenshot of the homepage with a read arrow pointing to the Post Your Writing button.

Finding Content to Read

You Read and Review by seeing new content on your homepage (click the logo to get to your homepage) or by clicking the Read menu option at the top of the page. The Read: Group's Content option is the equivalent to the Read and Review on the old site. Other options on the Read menu include:

Read: Connection's Content is content posted from the people you connect with.

Read: Free Books is content posted publicly that anyone, member or not can enjoy.

Read: Inline-Reviews are a list of all in-line reviews done on content posted to your groups.

Read: Published are books published by TheNextBigWriter authors and available for sale as physical books or e-books on

There are now more ways to find interesting content to read and review but if you are confused, just stick with the Read Group's Content option for now.

Below is a screenshot of the homepage with a read arrow pointing to the Read menu option.


Once you find a piece of content to read, there are now two ways you can review content.

1. You can leave regular paragraph reviews, like on the old site. We have set up a new form to hopefully make this easier but the process is the same as the old site.

2. In-line reviews provide a more precise way to give feedback. To use in-line reviews, highlight the area you want to content on with your mouse, and a box will pop-up. Enter your comments in the box and save. At the bottom of the page, leave your closing comments. That is an in-line review.

If you are confused by in-line reviews, there is a video in the Help section that can show you how to do it. If you are still confused, stick with regular reviews for now.

Below is a shot of the poem "Tis Love" with the arrow showing where you would press to leave an in-line review.


On the old site, members could interact in the forums. On the new site, there is now a forum for each group where writers can interact, post messages, and share news. You can see links to the forum on your homepage, under the TheNextBigWriter Premium Group.

In addition, you now have several other new ways to interact.

You can leave a Quickee message on any member's profile page.

You can connect with a member and then send each other private messages.

You can leave more than one review on each person's content. Unlike on the old site, you are not limited to leaving one review per piece of content.

You can also leave multiple in-line review comments or join a conversation on an in-line review thread.

Below is a picture of a Group forum. Every group receives a forum.

Keeping Control

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we received is that writer's didn't like the loss of control they experienced on the old site. Writers wanted to be able to remove reviews they didn't want associated with their writing, and sometimes limit certain individuals from reading their work. On the new site, the writer rules. This means the following:

Writers can now delete any review they do not like.

Writers can block other members who are harassing or bothering them from reading and commenting on their writing.

Writers can post content to certain groups or even just their contents. Or they can post it and email invite others to read it.

Below is a screenshot which shows that writers have the ability to delete reviews. Writers have the control to decide what does and doesn't appear on their writing.


The old site had Top 10 lists and an algorithm to rank content. On the new site, you can show you like a piece of content by adding it to your shelf. Shelves are a measure of how many other writers on the site feel strongly enough to display it on their shelves.

Below is some content and the red arrow is highlighting the blue Shelfit button.

Your Account and Billing

You can access your billing information on the new site by clicking the Billing button on the homepage. This provides clear, easy-to-read information on the status of your account. If you need to, you can update credit cards, downgrade an account, upgrade an account, and more. And like the old site, we do not store your credit card information. It is stored by a large corporation that specializes in card protection.

All members who are transferred from the existing site to the new one will receive one complimentary month of Premium Membership as a thank you for all of the support, feedback, and suggestions you have provided to the site over the years.

If you are a current paying member of TheNextBigWriter at the time of the transfer, any remaining time on your account will be transferred to the new site and added on to this free month. As a current paying member, you will also be given special status as a Founding Member of the new site. As a Founding Member, you will never have your fees increased, even if the new site increases the charge for Premium Membership. The cost of Premium Membership is as follows:

Account Term

Founding Premium Member

Regular Premium Member







Six Months






If you are a Premium Member, when your membership runs out, you will have the option of remaining a paying member, or becoming a free Basic Member.

To see the difference between Basic and Premium Membership, please click here.

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