Dear members of TheNextBigWriter,

Last week the server which holds TheNextBigWriter suffered a catastrophic failure of its hard drive. When we accessed our back up drive, we discovered that it had malfunctioned and we didn’t have a current back up. Distraught, we sent the broken drive to a recovery expert and were told we had a 90% chance of recovering the data. Unfortunately, we fell into the 10% and the data on the drive could not be restored.

Our only recourse was to use a backup from April 2021. It pains us to say that any accounts, content, reviews, etc. created after that date are no longer available. We debated if it even made sense to keep the site running but decided we wanted to give it a chance.

If you have lost posted content, reviews, or other information, we are truly sorry. TheNextBigWriter will not be charging members for at least the next six months.

If you joined after April 2021 and want to join the site again, create a trial account and email us at support@thenextbigwriter. We will upgrade your account.

We would also like to give all members a free year of Premium membership on our sister site To take advantage of this, create a Booksie account, email us your pen name and we’ll upgrade your account.

Going forward, we are going to double and triple check our backups. We went 18 years without an incident like this and hope to move forward to an even longer period of helping writers get feedback and connect with one another.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.