Step-by-step Instructions for Posting Content

Publishing content to the site is a key part of TheNextBigWriter experience. We've tried to make it as easy and intuitive as possible. You can press the ? icons next to many input fields to receive help. Below is detailed information on how to post your writing.

Short stories, poems, articles, scripts, and essays.

I. Basic Information and Summary

The first part of the publishing process is to fill in general information about the content you are about to post such as the title, who can see the work, and where the work will appear on the site.

1 Click the blue Post Your Writing button at the top of the page.

2 Click the blue Add New Content button on the next page.

3 Fill in the Title, Story Type, Genre, Status.

4 Choose the Visibility. With these choices you can determine who sees your content once it is posted. The mark icon to the right of the word Visibility explains the different options.

5 Upload a cover image if you have a particular image in mind. If not, the site will create a cover image for you.

6 If you have elected to Publish your content to Groups or the Internet, this will allow you to choose which groups it will appear in. If you select a group that requires points, you will need to pay points you have earned from posting.

7 Enter summary blurb. This is a short summary of the content you are posting. Include any feedback that you are hoping to receive.

II. Enter Your Content

On the next page, you can update anything you just posted. If it all looks okay, then go down to the section called Update or Enter Your Content. In the box, enter the content you want to post. You can either type the content directly in, or paste it from a word processor. Once you have pasted the content in, click the Save and View content button.

III. Publish It

The last step is to publish your content.

1 Find the green Publish button and press it.

2 If you are posting to a points group, you will require points to post it to the group. If you do not have enough points you will not be able to post it until you have accumulated enough points.

3 If you have enough points or are not publishing to a points group, pressing the green Publish button will publish your content.

4 The page will refresh and you can now see your content online.

At anytime you can edit your work or change a setting by going to your username drop-down in the upper right and selecting Portfolio. Clicking on the title of the work will then bring you to the edit pages.

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