How to Enter The Strongest Start Book Competition

To enter the Strongest Start Competition, you must first be a Premium Member of the site.

Once you are a Member, post the first three chapters of your book to TheNextBigWriter Premium Group and then enter the competition on the Competition tab. Detailed directions are below.

Please note: The Strongest Start Competition is a real-time online workshop competition. This means that other entrants will provide feedback on the work you post and you will have to do the same for them. By reading and reviewing other writers, you will build up the points needed to post your three chapters. New Members receive a bonus of 7.5 points, enough to post approximataly one chapter. The feedback you receive can then be incorporated into your entry up until the deadline on June 03, 2016.

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Detailed Directions:

1 Become a Member or Upgrade your account.

2 Go to your Portfolio.

3 Upload and publish your chapters to the TheNextBigWriter Premium Group.

4 If you do not have enough points, read the work of other entrants to earn points. Learn more about the point system.

5 After you publish your chapters, click the Enter button on the Contest tab.

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