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re the missing letter, you have 3. That's it. If you write 'A, B, C, ...' my brain turns the remainder into <blah>. I couldn't find the Q if you asked me to.

This is an unusual paragraph. I’m curious as to just how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it. It looks so ordinary and plain that you would think nothing was wrong with it. In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is highly unusual though. Study it and think about it, but you still may not find anything odd. But if you work at it a bit, you might find out. Try to do so without any coaching.

See the above riddle? My brain cannot solve this kind of thing.

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The missing letter comes later in the rows. Bevenlee goes over the first couple of groups earlier in the story. It's only in this post that I reveal the P row. As she goes over the letters in that row, the missing letter becomes obvious, if you wondered about their twenty-five letter alphabet. It's not anything major, but I thought at least one reviewer would comment on it.

As for the paragraph, the word 'the' appears not once. It's one of the most common words, yet it ain't not there. I spotted that on my first read-through, but only because I have a specific reason: I've written a few books and stuff, and not one of those titles begins with the word 'The'. So I knida have the missing 'the' stuck at the back of my mind.

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Frost & Charcoal hair?

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Tower Window issue?

From inside you can see out from the fourth floor. From outside you cannot see a fourth floor window?

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Hello, kdot.

Your graphic is correct. The view from the outside does not show the fourth or third floor windows. But from the inside on those floors, you can clearly see all the way to Lake Sephalon if you're facing that way. That's the 'weirdness' Mother Ukee is pointing out to those poor innocent Sisters and Mother of Song.

As for the frost and charcoal, that's a good start. But have a lot more chunks of whiter whites, and make the blacks blackers. Chunks of white amid clumps of black. Such hair color is unusual for the Shattered Kingdoms. Add to that how thick her hair is, and you get the idea. You know, she should cut it soon, but she Did promise Ukee she wouldn't...

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Having written a thesis on this, I still don't see the weirdness.

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Hello, ray.

It's like having a room entirely within a building, with no walls being outside walls. All the room's walls are interior walls. If you were to break through one of the room's walls, you would be in another room or hallways. Not outside. Now, if you broke through one of the building's exterior walls, you would be able to see inside the building and those inside would be able to see out. That's what a window is. Put a window in one of that interior room's walls, and you don;t see outside, you see the interior of the building still.

The suites of Mother of Song (third floor) and Mother of Grub and Mother Ukee (fourth floor) are all within the Tower complex. Their suites have windows that look out over the shadow fields and surrounding countryside. They can see clouds and sunlight, hear birds and dogs and wagons, smell the rain. Their windowsills get wet from the rain. But when you look at the complex from the outside, you cannot see any windows below the Tower's fifth floor due to the bottom four floors being within the rectangular complex. Ukee pointed out it's weird (to say the least) that everyone inside the suites can see and hear and feel outside stuff, but when they are outside the Tower, they can't even see the windows to the suite.

The garden that Mother of Builder likes to sit in is at the very rear of the complex, past the stable. But Ukee brought everyone to a hallway near the front of the complex with a wall only waist-high and arched openings that opened directly into the garden. If you climb over the wall and through an arched opening, you'd end up standing in the garden. But that garden and that hallway are separated by half the complex and the entire stable. So how can they be next to each other? How could Bevenlee hear the bumble bees doing their things? Or even potentially reach through the arched opening and touch a bee, or the flower it was on?

Same with the infirmary. It's on the ground floor. There are additional floors above it. The infirmary has no walls that are exterior walls-it's nestled within the complex. Yet it has windows that allow in sunlight and wind.

These are some of the weird things Ukee pointed out to Mother of Song, Sister Relle, and Sister Ynidi. And Bevenlee.

I don't know how else to explain it. Maybe it's just too weird from some.

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I would recommend you have windows (from outside) only at the top floor

Then Ukee's explanation requires less geometry:
Ukee: How many windows do you see?
Others: One row at the top
Ukee: And you have a window in your suite. Do you live at the top?
Others: ...

this simplification drops the requirement of counting steps

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I'll describe the Tower better on Bevenlee's first day. She'll count the windows, and on the tour, she'll look down from the top and see the Tower sits within the complex. And more details about the roof of the complex. I think I need ventilation ducts and stuff.

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Just to be sure, I'm also gonna ask my wife.   :o)  I wouldn't place a more detailed description of the buildings (tower and complex) too far away from this chapter in the manuscript, Charles.