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Laura is shelved. Probably for 5-6 years.

Switching to an antagonist POV

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Why did you shelve it?

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Project L is a basic vampire werewolf story. Not much different from Twilight meets Underworld of any of the other million supernatural love stories before them. Reviewers here are clearly not reading Twilight so I'm getting reviews I can't use effectively.

Issues: . Laine is internally happy. She doesn't brood. She's not selfish or mean, and is coming from "low" to her magic and the millions in the bank locked away for all her life.

Makes sense to post a story I can get more mileage out of. Project R is more of Underworld meets Constantine. The MC is losing everything and will do anything to get it back. There is no formula of boy meets girl or even a hero win. No formula allows me more freedom to onboard suggestions. Better suited for this site.

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Heh ShutterStock (where I buy some cover properties) is sneaky. I bought the 5-image pack. Turns out it has an auto-renew and automatically bought me 5 more images back in March

I logged in while working on another cover and found these extra downloads about to expire. It would have kept rebilling me until I caught it on my statement. Although I check my statement monthly, my "usual billers" such as Google, Amazon etc dont get much scrutiny. I mostly check for large bills and unexpected/unrecognized transactions. They could have snuck another 2-3 through before I found it

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@Rachel: I did some digging into the gender issue.

So scholars generally say angels are androgynous. I dug into why they say so, and it seems to boil down to the bible using a male pronoun, so no one's really too sure if gender really applies to them.

In other words, we don't believe there are female angels simply because the bible never mentions any. I find this assumption rather fascinating to be sure.

Of, so since I have created my own gender problem, I have been careful throughout both Project L and Project R to never cal them "men" and "women" which would be human terns created long after angels existed. For the record, I'm unconcerned with achieving biblical accuracy, but I wonder if scholars have penned themselves into a logical quagmire where if a female angel one day showed up, they may have to ask her to cease to exist.

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Hah so I finally figured out why everyone's weirded out at my male character named "Sara Mindus". I was a little puzzled by this confusion but was prepared to roll with it an choose a new name, until a reviewer clarified that Mindus looks like a last name. Sara's a prefix not unlike "ibn" lol

I had no idea people were reading it as "sarah" or similar. Holy tunnel vision!

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Sara Selg is the name of one of my reviewers.

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Slugging my way through [A r c h a n g e l s K i s s] since that writer not only a best seller, but widely accepted as a leader of the pack in UF/Angel series.

Now, this is a Book II and best seller writers tend to know where their bread is buttered, so I walked in knowing ahead of time I was going to get the same formula as the other... but the plot has been surprisingly thin. I'm about 200 pages in, and it's all burning gazes and dour faces. I checked goodreads -- always good for fun. Sure enough people are like "This entire book is sex and dismembered limbs"

I'd go one step further and add "...and angry people". So much anger in there... like the head of the vampire pack was turned against his will,  so he has a pretty decent reason to be dour. But the six minor characters who work with him are all taciturn grumblers fond of steely gazes and stony silences. And these are the good guys. The villains are also angry mofos with chips on their shoulders, and I can only imagine when they're not on camera, they're eating stones or sleeping on thumbtacks.

There's a lesson for me in there somewhere because I also have a lot of angry characters. Looks like Patty's getting a promotion to a more prominent role

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Urban Fantasy