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I received positive feedback from Sol regarding a group-sponsored writing contest. He will provide the prize. Now all that remains is to select a theme. I've suggested a western (past or present), a historical story, and a mystery/thriller as possible themes, because those are the groups I belong to. Would you be interested in such a contest? The way I see it, any member of a related group would be eligible to enter. What do you think? Please give your reaction in the Prime Forum thread entitled "How about a group contest?"  JP

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i am late to the party, but I like the idea.

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j p,

I'd be interested in any of the three genres you mentioned. I have active projects in all three of them. Works for me!


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Good to hear from you. I have planned to pare down my involvement with any more projects, so I won't be available to work on such a contest. You'll need to find someone to oversee the project.

At this time of year, most everyone will say they are involved in school, family and holiday events/preparations, so they don't have time to write a contest entry. If you would like to plan for early next year, I'm sure Sol would like to hear from you.