Topic: Points

I have noticed some new interest in Historical Fiction. I just posted the first chapter of my historical fiction work "A Voyage to Guinea." When I posted to the Historical Fiction group I noticed it was a no points group. No wonder people don't read books published in this group. Is there some way the Historical Fiction category can be changed to the points system?

Re: Points

A long time ago. when I first started the Cop Shop, I vacillated between the two designations. I went from 'points' to 'no points'and back again. Sol made the changes for me, because after the initial setup I didn't have access. I don't know if that's still how things work. The group's founder or a moderator would probably have to request the change.

However, if you publish to the Premium group along with the Historical group, your work will award points to reviewers, so it's not an issue. Go through your portfolio to edit and change the 'Publish Settings' to include the Premium group. It's a good temporary fix, unless you don't want everyone else to read what you've written.

Hope this helps.   JP