Re: Who to review?

Ava Bond wrote:

Hi! So nice to see other romance writers here!

I have the first chapter of my paranormal romance book "Blush" up atm. I'm freaking out about my second chapter a little because I feel shy, there is a bit of sex in it (so early I know). I'm not even sure I'll be able to post it, I got so much great feedback on my first chapter and I bet I made so many similar errors to the second, so might edit some more...

But over all I worry about showing it to the sharp eyes of great writers and editors. Ugh not sure I'm ready to do this. Yet I should, right? So that I can grow as a writer.

Am I in the wrong place looking for feedback, because of my sex scenes, or am I just being a big coward about it all? Do you guys ever get shy too?

You're in the right place! And yep, if you want to learn and grow, you have to click that button! You can always check out some of my writing - as far as I know, it's the most explicit sex scenes I've seen to date around here. Although I think Bimmy has something big planned - I still need to check it out (almost there Bimmy!!!).

But don't be shy and don't hold yourself back. The nerves never go away (I think that's mostly a good thing as long as you keep writing!), but it does get easier, I promise!!!!