Re: Using Third Person Omniscient POV

Norm d'Plume wrote:

I started with omniscient because I didn't know any better and was strongly encouraged to drink the cool-aid and switch to 3rd person limited. I'm glad I did because there are several key chapters that wouldn't have worked if I had been inside both MCs heads at the same time.

Is Wool by Hugh Howey the sort of thing to emulate with the limited 3rd person?  I found that story a good short story/novella but an awful novel for the reason of so little material in so many words.


Re: Using Third Person Omniscient POV

PoV is a part of How the Story is Told.

What presentation best engages the reader over the course of the story?  What best presents the story as the author sees it unfolding?

Forget this and all is lost.