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Thanks very much, Sol.  I will look forward to your email and glad you’ve already addressed some of the issues to spare others.


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I don’t know whether the problem was on my end or TNBW, but trying to re-set a forgotten password turned out to be a weeklong digital nightmare.  Initially, the process seemed simple enough:  click the “I forgot my password” button and copy and paste or highlight and slide over the dots and scribbles displayed in the captcha box to the verification code box.  Over the course of the week, I tried that numerous times—on different computers and my IPad.  Nothing worked.   I tried calling various numbers listed for Sol (all are no longer in service as far as I can tell).  I sent messages via Facebook Messenger and emailed various published addresses for both the “Help” and “Support” desks.  No response.  I began to feel like a frustrated stalker, trying to track down Sol.  I even left a phone message and email where he’s listed as an adjunct professor.  Boundaries, I know!  But desperation…Well, finally after threatening to complain to VISA (and identifying that I had saved the original receipt) and/or the Better Business Bureau, someone emailed me and eventually he or she re-set my password.  I don’t know whether my threat was ever actually seen or whether it was coincidental that a human actually responded.  In any case, this is not a way to do business.  If there is a bug in the captcha system, it needs to be fixed.  Defunct phone numbers for Sol need to be removed.  And reasonable requests to the help desk need to be addressed promptly, even if it’s just “we’re working on it.”  So, at the moment, though I’m glad to have access now to the site (thanks to a new password), TNBW’s credibility as a business definitely has been tarnished and I have changed my setting to not to renew automatically.  This will be a period to ponder whether to continue here or move to another writers’ site.  I would be interested in Sol’s response (isn’t he the wizard behind the curtain) or whoever has knowledge to shed light on my dark experience.


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Dirk, I hope you’re better now and that you’ve been spared Covid.  Don’t worry about reviews—I doubt that you owe me any, but I’m sure everyone will understand.  Just focus on getting back on your feet.


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I guess there’s no way you could post a warning ahead of time?

Congratulations.  I'll have the champagne ready -- let us know how it goes.

I enjoyed the contest and found the perspectives in each piece fascinating.  Congratulations to the winners:  Catherine, Bobbie and Dagny.


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So sorry to hear this.  Pray that each day will find you stronger and that insurance will be more helpful than you anticipate.  Many blessings.


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Thanks, Vern.


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Well, Vern, you’re right about chocolate.  Dark’s the best but I have been known to go slumming.


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Not Temple!  You can’t be serious, Vern.


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Temple, ground up Skittles?  I’d volunteer if they were using Hershey kisses.


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Thanks, JP, I’m on my way to acceptance but I sure would like to share those points!


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So many good ideas, thank you.  One frustration I have felt with this site is—as in the real world and other sites I’ve used—some don’t reciprocate when they receive a review.  Alas, human nature.  That’s why I wanted to offer additional points.  I guess I will get hard-nosed.  If I review someone’s posts  twice and there’s no reciprocity, I will ignore their posts until there is—and i’ll Label them privately some term in the swine category!


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I have accumulated a lot of points.  Is there a way I can increase the number of points in pieces I post for review?


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Thanks for sharing this.   Unless you’re depending on writing to put bread on the table, perhaps it’s time to just let it be.  You have been extraordinarily productive for a long time; perhaps this is a time of being fallow.  That doesn’t mean nothing is happening.  It’s likely that once the concern about your health is resolved, the juices will flow again.  I feel for you—such pressure has to be difficult.  Hope for the best for you.


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Welcome, Josh.  Look forward to seeing your work.

Thanks to the hilarious comments, I’ve concluded that y’all are a bunch of real stand up comics.  Much appreciated.


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I just joined The Next Big Writer -- had a small glitch (of my own making) and I received terrific service from Sol N in getting me up to speed.  Many thanks.


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I'm new to the site, so I don't know you or your work.  However, it's encouraging to hear of your success and good of you to let others know.  Thank you.


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Mike, I’m brand new to the site, but I am taking the liberty to respond to your post because I spent 20 years working in addictions treatment.  I admire your honesty here and your involvement in a 12-Step program.  You are wise to remove from your plate any unnecessary stresses until you are feeling stronger in Recovery.   In the meantime, I hope you are gathering around yourself all the support you can find.  Remember, you deserve recovery and you are worthy of it.  Just keep on keeping on.


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I hope it’s not too forward but a longtime member advised me to alert you to a posting of my short story, Just A Shower.  She said it would result in more reviews and a better trial of the site.  If this is too pushy, please disregard (I’ll get back in my proper place in line.). A word of caution:  Just A Shower includes explicit sexual and adult content.  However, I don’t believe it’s gratuitous.  Thanks so much for any help and if anyone thinks I’m out of line, whisper in my ear.


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Thanks everyone for the welcome.  I look forward to getting to know you through your work -- and for your kindness in welcoming, I'll head to your posts to review.


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I'm new too to this site.  Don't let anyone discourage you.  Just keep writing and re-writing, reading and critiquing.  You will learn from it all and both your writing and reviewing will benefit.  I always try to give honest but charitable feedback.  I never want to hurt anyone's feelings but I try to be honest in a constructive way.  Sometimes I have almost nothing to say because I think the piece is  terrific, but other times I have questions or suggestions -- yet who am I to tell another writer what to do or not to do.  I'm struggling with my own writing issues and blind spots.  Each of us is brave to put it out there.  So, here's a standing ovation for all of us who want to learn and improve our writing and to help each other.


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Hi Everyone:  I'm doing a trial membership on the site, hoping that I am exposed to good writing and good critiques.  I've belonged to other online writing groups (both free and paid membership) and they have been helpful.  I always do my homework and reciprocate with reviews when others review my work.  I hope I find such reciprocity as well as honest and insightful reviews here.  Thanks for allowing me into your group.  I look forward to getting to know you through your work.