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Belated congratulations, winners!

Very cool!  Congrats, Randy!


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Ok, and thanks for all your hard work on everything, Sol!


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Sorry to hear that Janet - I hope you can recover the important stuff.  If you have any computer questions, I also do that for a living - private message me!  Good luck in any case and come back soon!


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Welcome to TNBW, Iris!  I know it can be scary to put yourself out there, but it is a rush of sorts - with a hint of dread too - but I encourage you to do it anyway smile  I hope you like it here!

Congrats finalists, and good luck in the next round!

Thanks, Ang! My connection dropped ad I submitted this so there could be a duplicate, darn it.

Hi Sol - I've gotten some good feedback, and I want to update my 1st draft of my contest entry.  This may be a silly question - but can I edit my existing entry without spending more points or jeopardizing my entry status?  I've never actually attempted it so I'm a bit hesitant.  Thanks in any case!


I'm excited for the contest! This is probably a silly question but does this contest allow for multiple entries or just one this time, so as to not overtax our illustrious judges? Thanks in any case, Sol!


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Thanks, Sol, for taking care of this spammer!  That's why I love this site.

If anyone wants some vicarious revenge on the likes of laranice, Mike Bobrinskoy dishes it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyA5gzqA3nU

Have a good weekend, all!



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Hi njc - Not sure if this helps with the "cat screaming", but if you haven't tried this site it might be a good resource: http://worldbuilding.stackexchange.com/


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Agreed, NJC, I also have built my vocabulary the same way.  Reading Stephen King, for instance, sent me to the dictionary more than once but I'm grateful for it.

  As for cats - hmm, I bet if you look up "Cats Having Sex", you will get an idea of how they would scream.  You don't have to watch, just listen - it might give you the effect you're looking for in your writing.  Good luck!


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Wow, and thanks! I'm excited to be one of the winners and congrats to the winners, and also everyone who entered.  I don't know about you, but I always feel great when I've submitted an entry.  Thanks to Sol and all the others for this terrific site.  Happy New Year's to all!


I haven't run into the foreign language characters, but if I wanted to use WingDing symbols for chapter breaks then I also ran into the incompatibility with the inline WP. 
  I like OpenOffice for my word processor.  It also allows me to Export as PDF.  Would there be any issues with just allowing us to submit our writing as PDFs?