Hi Marilyn,

Sorry to see you go, but understand you need to look after yourself. Hope things turn around for you.
Take care and best regards, Randall


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Sideman wrote:

Hi, Randy.

Do you think you'll be able to tolerate me that long?

Good luck on your move to South Carolina. i remember you mentioning that to me on our last PM. I hope you and Sylvia find significant happiness there. Wishing both of you nothing but the very best.

I'll be over this evening to revisit "Mission Yeman". I'll pick up where I left off and try to catch up over the next week or so. I remember how much I liked your character, Shatara.

Take care,


LOL! Of course.:)

All the best to you and Di.
Regards, Randy & Sylvia


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Sideman wrote:

Thanks, Dirk. It;'s good to be back. But the halls of TNBW aren't very crowded these days. Good for you for doing your part regarding your mother's care. My mother lived to be 90, and her mother made it to 99. So I might be around to irritate a lot more people before I'm gone!


Hope you make it to 100!

dagny wrote:

Another winner? No surprise there! You're an excellent writer, who deserves all the accolades your work receives!

dags smile

Many thanks, Dags!

Many thanks, George & Bobby.

Many thanks, Bill, Dirk, & Alan.

Hi everyone,

I found out last night that Ultimate Escalation was one of the six first place winners in the 2023 Chanticleer International Book Award for Global Thrillers.

This makes six years in a row with a winner!

Many thanks to everyone who has reviewed my work, especially those who have been with me for the long haul. I couldn't have achieved this without your help and support.

Regards, Randall


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Take it slow and easy when you get home, Bill.  No marathons! smile


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Glad to hear you're mobile, Bill. Take it easy and hope you're home soon.

Walyullah wrote:

Hi Randall,

I would be thrilled to receive your help. You've done exactly what I'm trying to do! I'll connect with you and will check in and update you on my progress in the next 2-3 months. The move sounds super stressful but also exiting. Hope you enjoy the transition.

And Dirk, thanks again for the major help. I don't really have any social media following for my poetry. None to be honest, as far as the platforms that matter go, like Instagram. Again, I'm realizing my project might be shifting into something I hadn't anticipated, but it seems like a fun journey. And I have friends to go through it with!

Regarding social media though, wouldn't I need to only post stuff that won't be in my book? You were saying presses don't publish content that's already freely available.

Many thanks and just accepted your friend request.

I can help with self-publishing as I did my wife's poetry book in 2021. However, I won't be able to do it until at least July as we're in the middle of a major international move and won't have time until we've completed our transition.


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Hope you continue on the path of recovery, Bill. All the best!


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jack the knife wrote:

Did you find a place?

Yes, in Greer, SC.  It was just what Sylvia and I wanted.


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Hi everyone,

I've been off the site for almost four weeks as Sylvia and I were on a house-hunting trip to South Carolina and didn't have much internet access. We're back in Scotland now and I'll catch up on all the reviews I've received and provide reviews in response.

Thanks and regards, Randall

Many thanks for organizing, Dirk. Great job!


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Duffie wrote:

I am so thrilled to be here because I have such hope this forum will help me tremendously in getting my stories told!  I am not a writer but I believe everybody has some story of value and that story should be told.

Welcome to TNBW!


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Welcome! Enjoy the experience


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Thomas W. Case wrote:


I am new here.  What is the best way to get reviews and navigate this site.  I would like to make the most of my time here.

Thomas W. Case

Welcome, Thomas! TNBW is a great place to be.


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Good luck to everyone if this gets off the ground.


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Good luck, Mike. Keep in touch.


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Hi, Sol,

I agree with Dagny and George. Many thanks for all your help in getting us back up and running.
Regards, Randall


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Hi Sol,

I paid for another year for the premium service so I could get back on TNBW right away. My last upgrade was in June 2023, so if you could add eight more months to my account that'd be great and it'd take me into spring 2025.

When my account was restored, I had about 150 more points than before the crash because of recent postings. I'll need to re-post A Cruel Twist, Demise, and Temples of Abydos. I used the extra points to re-post the first 14 chapters of Mission: Yemen, so if I could get another 75 points I should be good to go.

Many thanks, Randy

Many congrats, Casper!


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Just checked and the question marks are only where I put them.


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Will be doing that soon. I had an updated profile saved to my hard drive, so I used it to update my TNBW profile.

With Sol needing to use the file from 2021, I now have plenty of points again so I'm reposting all of the chapters for Mission: Yemen as I lost about 30 reviews. Hopefully, some of the reviewers will come back for another look.

Regards, Randall