So, I'm reading Wizard of Earthsea, which is third person omniscient . Leguin does change perspective a few times in the chapter, but does so skillfully. The changes in character are accompanied by good narrative transitions
A better example might be "A wrinkle in Time." This is limited third from Meg's persective

This thread helps me clarify some things so much! Thank you.

I'm Kim.
4) I tend to jump in with both feet without waiting for instructions and am the queen of ongoing projects, which this year includes a goat farm and a summer literacy program for neighborhood children.
1) I write YA, fantasy, sci-fi, religious, and very poor poetry.
2) I started a blog a couple years ago, though I have a rather embarrassing half finished manuscript lying around that is going on ten years old. I plan to disown it once it hits puberty.
3) Favorite authors: CS LEWIS, Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, JK Rowling,


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I'm new here, working on a first draft that is coming along pretty well, though only have a few revised chapters. I would love to do something like that for macroedits as I go- like, this scene needs more tension, less dialogue, that kind of thing. I can't afford to pay an editor $400 to tell me that, and have friends that are willing enough to help with line editing, but would love to get some overall  feedback from experienced writers. (I'm a good reader, can pick up on the good and not so good in other people's writing, just not my own). I am writing A YA sci-fi story with some fairy tale elements. I love to read sci-fi, some fantasy, and some YA