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Greetings everyone.  I have heard some great things about this site.  I am really hoping to meet some friendly people on here that could help me grow and improve as a writer.

Just a little bit of information about me.  I have only been writing a little under two years now.  I never really took any classes, I am pretty much self-taught.
I mostly write romance with some comedy added to it.  I am going to start out posing my short stories to see how well they do on here, then I will work on posting the two books I have written.  I know I still have a lot of learning to do and I hope you all will help me.

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Welcome to the group, Amateur Writer. I saw your post on the other site. It's late here now, so I'll take a look at your short story tomorrow morning.


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Thank you Douglas, and thank you for connecting with me on here.  I'm hoping I get a friendly welcome like the other site.

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Welcome to the site. I suggest posting your hello message to the Premium forum as well, since not everyone is a member of Basic. Also, you'll get more feedback if you post your story in the Premium group if you haven't already. Premium requires that you have points to post, but it also pays points to your reviewers, which is the local currency. Specify if you want inline or just regular reviews. Inline will get you better reviews, but if you're on the site for your free initial week, you'll only be able to give/receive inline reviews for that week.

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I just had a look at your story. It's well-written, but huge. I would split it into parts and definitely post in Premium.

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compassionate writer wrote:

Greetings everyone! I am back!
Ten years I had some very distrubing feed back from members  which made me gave up writing for awhile. I thought my writing skills were seen as stupid, dumb, and handicapped as member described. I felt like a FAILURE.
Even with my one review I was deemed as in a modesty way of needing to go study more "basic writing". Well, my story stems from the south 1930's so the dialects of course it will seem abit off with the southern dialects.
I decided to stay NOT to run anymore.
Feel free to follow me on my pg. Have a great evening.

This is the Basic Group.  You don’t have anything posted to this group.  Perhaps you have posted in the Premium Group?  They have a separate forum, in case you weren’t aware.  Take care.

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I'm new too to this site.  Don't let anyone discourage you.  Just keep writing and re-writing, reading and critiquing.  You will learn from it all and both your writing and reviewing will benefit.  I always try to give honest but charitable feedback.  I never want to hurt anyone's feelings but I try to be honest in a constructive way.  Sometimes I have almost nothing to say because I think the piece is  terrific, but other times I have questions or suggestions -- yet who am I to tell another writer what to do or not to do.  I'm struggling with my own writing issues and blind spots.  Each of us is brave to put it out there.  So, here's a standing ovation for all of us who want to learn and improve our writing and to help each other.