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Cadfael's Profile

Penname: Cadfael
Country: Australia
Web address: www.dianahockley.webs.com/
Favorite book: The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham.
Member type: Reviewer
Member Since: Dec 28, 2005
Bio: I am an Australian granny of three and live with my husband on the edge of a small country town, overlooking the mountains of the Scenic Rim where we used to have a Scottish Highland cattle stud. We have five pet female rats . I am a voracious reader, amateur landscape painter, VERY amateur pianist, presenter of a weekly classical music radio program and would-be famous writer! I have published two novels - THE NAKED ROOM and THE CELIBATE MOUSE and quite a few articles and short stories. I am a reviewer for Net Galley, and editor for Kings River Life magazine. I also review numerous novels for advance publication. Currently, the third novel in the Susan Prescott series is 40+K words and 2 murders in and hopefully will be published in the first quarter of this year. Animal charities are my "thing" and I can't stand books where animals are killed. Puts me right off :(

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