Topic: Excess luggage?

I'm not a really great manager - especially when I'm spread as thin as baby oil on a surfer. And since there are a few other groups which function much better than this one, and also since none of us do much with picture books, I'm thinking it's time to disband this group and make room for more active ones. 

I really appreciate the help, encouragement, and learning experiences I receive from TNBW, but all these groups really has us fractured. This fact hit home when I read a couple of posts in Premium. Therefore I feel I'd be better served by posting in the YA groups as well as Premium and Basic where more people will have the opportunity to scan or read my content.

Sometime in the next couple days, I will take down this site - and join another group, like Marketing.

I'll see all of you in the other groups, I'm sure,
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