Topic: Okay, where's the real FAQ?

I started this silly little post because I had to email Sol for help on something for this site. In his (quick) response, he said it would be added to the FAQ section. That's when I realized the sites FAQ section is quite extensive, and it might be nice to have a quick and easy reference for how to do the quick and simple stuff. So, I created this for others, but mostly, for myself.

Anyway, for those looking for the actual, and much more detailed and extensive, FAQ...

Pull down the blue button with your name on it, click Help Guide. The second selection under "General Information" is the site FAQ.

I just learned that my use of the bookshelf is back-assward. Meh, live/learn...

Re: Okay, where's the real FAQ?

Yes, I see the site FAQ--and it's where I'll go when I need to navigate the site. Thanks, JL--JP

Re: Okay, where's the real FAQ?

You are most welcome.

By the way, feel free to post something here that you had a hard time locating. While I appreciate the sites FAQ (you know I do) sometimes a quickie FAQ might be called for.

Re: Okay, where's the real FAQ?

I've noticed since this posting that there is now a question mark (?) next to the blue box with your name on it. It is a short cut to The Next Big Writer's Help Guide.

Thanks Sol! That makes things much easier. smile