Topic: What Chapter did I last review?

This one took me a while. If anyone has a better way of doing this, please let us know.

Find the book you want to review. When you have it up on your screen, about mid-screen, you'll find a button labeled "Add to Reading List". This is the key. Click that, and the button will now read "Added to Reading list". The next time you're ready to review that author's work, select "Reading List" from the pull down menu (the button with your name on it at the top right hand of the screen), and the title is there. When you open that, click on the "Chapter" blue bar and you'll see what chapters you have, and have not, reviewed.


Yeah, go ahead, laugh. It really did take me a while to figure out.

Go ahead, laugh harder. I read the sites FAQ and realized I had it back-assward.

Re: What Chapter did I last review?

I don't understand. 
That's how I do it--is it backward? Of course. if a thing can be done wrong, that's how I'll do it. JP

Re: What Chapter did I last review?

No, you're right. My original post had been edited, and the "back-assward" comment was for anyone who had read it pre-edit.