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I spent a good portion of a day trying to figure out an issue I was having. I went to the provided FAQ page, and the answer wasn't there. I tried to sift through some of the other forums, and got completely lost. In the end, Sol to the rescue. (Thanks again, Sol!)

So, this has to happen to other members. That's what this group is for. If you have a question about how to work this site, and don't want to bother Sol, you might find someone here who already knows the answer.

Dump your questions about this site here. If no one else can answer it, we'll ask Sol.

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JL--You started this group two months ago and I just now found it! I've been raising a stink in the Premium Group forum because our FAQ's get lost, and we can never find the information! This sounds great--if you can categorize the threads by topic, so we can look things up. For example, start a GENRE thread, so we can post discussions, and find them again later. Same with other general topics. What do you say? JP

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Sounds like a plan. I'll look into it, however, it's been a while since I've been onsite. So, give me some time. Feel free to jump in anytime. smile