Topic: Where do I go from here.

Hi Everyone,
My name is Maurene, and I'm brand new to the site.  Delighted to be here.  I've posted the first chapter of my book, and reviewed others' works earning 3.51 points.   Now where do I go next? 

Thank you,


Re: Where do I go from here.

Hi Maurene,

Welcome to the site. I've been here a short while but everyone has been super cool. Once you review other's work and get points, you post your own work.  I found posting about one 10 page chapter a week is a good pace.

3.51 points is probably not enough to post a ten page chapter, so read and review more to gain points.

Basically, the more you review other's work, the more people will probably review your work.  Pretty simple.

Hope that helps.


Dae. D. Shields