Topic: POP COP QUIZ #41 Where Are You?

Hollywood loves a missing person. All of these except the Classic were released after 1990. That is, the movies were released, not the people who disappeared.  Name the movie and the principal actor(s).

1.    Man suspected in wife’s disappearance.
2.    Frontier woman’s daughter taken by Indians.
3.    Man devotes his life to discovering what became of his girlfriend.
4.    Buddies in Las Vegas find their about-to-be-married friend is missing.
5.    Her father’s gone, and she has to find him before they do.
6.    Two private investigators hired by a couple whose little girl has disappeared.
7.    Investigating the disappearance and murder of his ex-girlfriend, teenager descends into the world of drug trafficking.
8.    A child in Texas disappeared, a man returned from Spain. Questions remain.
9.    True story: politicians force a mother to accept the return of a child who’s not her missing son.
10.    A woman remembers her mother’s disappearance years earlier.
★    EXTRA CREDIT CLASSIC: She’s gone, presumed dead, but she fascinates the investigator.