Topic: Correct Order of Adjective Placement

As you fumble through the next draft of your novel, ever wondered about the order in which adjectives should be listed? I have, and I finally searched the internet. Here is the order in which adjectives should be listed when describing a character in your book. 

Number (comes first); opinion; size; age; shape; color; origin; material; and purpose. 

Here's an example of something I wrote.

Numerous times, he and his brother toyed with the flames and threatened to set Aunt Phoebe’s skirt afire. Robert and his brother loved the old biddy but enjoyed ruffling her feathers, a task easily invoked on an old nervous woman.

The last phrase, "an old nervous woman," is what prompted my search. 

Hope this helps you with your writing. Post of a response or show us an example of how you solved your issues with adjective placement.